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NF - Wind Mobile & Mobilicity

John Bacon

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Is anybody here with Wind Mobile? Is there service in the GTA any good? I know that they are not going to provide the same coverage as Bell or Rogers; but they are a lot cheaper. Do they at least provide decent service in the GTA?


Is there anything that I should know before signing up with them?


They advertise their plans as unlimited data but provide a figure (e.g. 2gb full speed allotment). I assume that this means they do not charge extra for data usage but they will slow the service down after I reach 2 giga bytes. Can anyone confirm this?






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My son had it in Oshawa. Some weekends at the cottage in Bobcaygeon...100KM away....he would regularly lose the signal. He was with them to save a few bucks and he said it was fine in Oshawa and the GTA but that was it. He got rid of it because he found it unreliable.


This was 2-3 years ago. Don't know how it is now.

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I believe they were just bought out by shaw?



With Shaw being the new owner the price will go up but service should improve..

One can wish, however R has limited towers hence why they bought fido (cost) years ago (running of the same towers and owners as Wind) So it is up you quality vs cost
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