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My Lake Simcoe Season has Started!


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It seemed like Lady Simcoe froze instantly over night last week which is good news for all us hard water lovers around the area. Not saying that the entire lake is good to go but the places that I fished, you couldn't ask for better ice. Pure black ice...other then the odd little pressure crack (which aren't big as of yet). I didn't put in the hours out there that I would have liked due to work commitments but it was still great to get out there and shake off the cobwebs from the deep water sticks. I was recently added to the www.kamooki.ca field staff team so I was dying to try out their Smartfish lure. It was raved about at ICAST and it caused quite the stir in the depths of Lake Simcoe this weekend. My first laker of the season came on the Herring pattern! Man, I missed the ice!


Here's a few from the weekend.


Kamooki Smartfish Herring




Bass Magnet Lures Glo Shift'r Shad10917843_10152970878716138_8670917128531







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