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How do I upload photos here???????????


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Most websites with which I am familiar have FAQs, and almost always there is one to tell newbies like me how to post pictures.


So how do I do this here????????????????


Thanks in advance for any advice.......





PS) Saw the "attach files" bit below and attempted to attaché a photo. Maybe I have just answered my own question..........and will see after I post this.

Fishing Lake 23 Feb 08 005.JPG

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back to BillM..............


I have an account with Hunt101.com which is much like Photbucket. I use it on "EVERY" other site that I visit, without any issues.


The problem with THIS website is I cannot copy and paste ANYTHING, including the IMG tags, or even text from a thread that is here. So far, fairly frustrating.................if you have any ideas about that please let me know. MUCH appreciated!


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