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Ice Fishing Sonar Question (ya kinda early I know lol....)


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Last season I used a PiranhaMax 160 portable for ice fishing since I picked it up really cheap. With this unit I could see my jig down at 100ft (even my swivel above) so it worked ok. I am looking at the Humminbird 570 right now since I it looks like I can pick one up for $100 and put it in my portable pack to replace the 160. The plus I think would be the larger screen and much higher resolution.


Question, what makes the "ice" models better for ice fishing? I know they have the special transducer, but this is no worry to me as I have the other one "rigged" up.


Looking at a few models:


Model Display Colour Greyscale Vert Hor Power Transducer

PiranhaMax 160 4” no 4 level 160 128 800W Dual 60/20

Humminbird 570 5” no 12 level 640 320 2000W Dual 60/20

Humminbird ICE 345C 3.5” 256 TFT 320 240 2400W Dual 60/20

Lowrance Elite 4X 3.5” 256 TFT 320 240 2100W Dual 60/20


So looking at the specs, aside from the colour vs. greyscale (and TFT screen but I use mine almost always in the heated hut).......... the 570 should work just as good no? Maybe I am missing something?




Burt :)

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This past ice season I had a chance to compare a Humminbird 565 (predecessor to the 570) that another angler had, with my 345c. The other angler walked over and asked if I was having any problems with my sonar (we were fishing outside). The colder it got, the slower the screen on the 565 got (real time window on the 565 was definitely not in real time). Everything just slowed way down while my 345c was running perfectly with the same settings (maybe colour units generate more heat to keep the LCD warm?). I was also better able to see individual fish in a school better with colour VS greyscale.


As for the Humminbird ice units (graph display not the flasher models), pretty sure it’s just the ice transducer and the portable case that makes the difference.

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Have you thought about a Flasher unit for ice fishing, like a Vexilar or Humminbird Ice 35, 45, 55?

I used to guide on Quinte for Walleye and I swear by them. I WILL NOT go on the ice without one.

BY FAR the most crucial tool for landing Quinte monsters on a regular basis, IMO.

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Thanks for the replies.


Redpearl99, I will probably keep the 160 for a spare but I will let you know if I want to sell it. I use the suction cup transducer modded with a piece of heavy copper wire and a piece of pipe insulation for a float.


MJL, I think that is due to the LCD vs. the TFT on the 345.... that screen technology doesn't slow down with the cold. That's why I mentioned that I fish mostly in my portable hut with the heater on, it doesn't get cold enough to affect the LCD speed.


Stoty, my buddy has a Vex and he loves it but I prefer to watch the graph.


Burt :)

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