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  1. It should have an RTS screen or the ability to show it down the right side. I use that as it gives an instant return of what's going on down there.
  2. I use this stuff but any Dacron or polyester thick line will work. This is the 50lb stuff which is easy on the hands when a fish runs. https://www.sail.ca/en/sufix-perform-tip-up-ice-braid-50lbs-blk-50y-258481
  3. Hey they are better than anything you can buy right??!??? ?
  4. I used a Piranhamx 160 portable for a couple years and it worked just fine. Could see my jig and swivel down 100ft no problem. Went to a 570 after because I got it cheap and it had higher res and a bigger screen. I think that unit will work just fine.
  5. I use tip ups mainly for pike and use 30 or 50 pound Dacron tied direct to a 30lb 7-strand SS home made quick strike rig. How are you guys using mono for larger fish? Do you have any issues getting cut when they take off and run? That's why I like the heavy Dacron, not really for the strength but for the ease of handling. Easy to see and untangle too after a fish and you have a pile of line on the ice. Burt ?
  6. I will be up at Chilly Willy's Jan 19-22, this will be my third time. Scott takes good care of us always and his huts are really clean and well maintained. Burt ?
  7. Hillsound Trail Crampons from Sail, reviewed them a while back..... http://ontariofishingcommunity.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=77520&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1
  8. For next time, get a dash cam with GPS and speed etc. and you will know exactly how fast you were going when you passed the officer. Burt ?
  9. Not live minnows but imitate them.... try larger bass sized white tubes (3 to 3.5") on a 1/16 to 1/8oz tube jig head and bottom bounce them through runs on the smaller flows (Bronte etc) . This works really well for fresh fish. Burt
  10. Wasn't intentional??? Doing the right thing?? Shoot the "coyote" if it was deemed dangerous..... don't run it over.... bad judgement call by the officer. Burt
  11. Awesome Mike, you can count me in too when it hits print! I have enjoyed your writing on here for a long time, it will be great to be able to hold it in the hand! Burt
  12. Just saw this thread Brian (visitors staying in my computer room!).... Quite the ordeal your going through. I wish you well and it looks like all the other positives vibes from everyone else are taking good effect!! Kevin
  13. Crud gives the flavour?? That crud is basically just carbon build up.... after a good burn off (and before using the wire brush) you can tell the crud has nothing left in it as it will no longer smoke or anything.... just carbon. Crud on the grates (and vaporizer plates) will just create flare ups and insulate the grate, preventing those nice grill marks. Flavour comes from the juices dripping down onto the hot metal plates above the burner and being vaporized and settling on the surface of the meat. Burt
  14. I use a stainless steel welders brush to clean my Broil King stainless steel grates. If you don't use a metal brush you can't get all the crud off. You have to visually inspect both the grates and the brush for loose wires before you cook. As long as you pay attention you shouldn't have a problem. For those that don't this is a good wake up call.... Burt
  15. $400 suit or not.... after 4 years of use you will probably have to renew the dwr. Gore-Tex material functions in two ways, the layer of dwr repels water on the outside of the garment, while the breathable membrane lets moisture vapour out (sweat) and also keeps liquid water out. Once the garment gets soiled or used enough, the dwr is compromised and the fabric wets out. This will not allow the breathable functions of the membrane to work properly and sweat will build up inside and you will get wet. Check out the Nikwax products as previously mentioned.... specifically the Tech Wash and the TX Direct Wash In (used in that order). Burt
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