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  1. How far away from the wall can you safely place a hot water tank? I want to move mine into the corner of the unfinished basement room I'm turning into a bit of a workshop. One wall is cement block and the other unfinished studs against the cement wall of the basement. I want to tuck it in as much as possible, so how much clearance do I need behind it? I'll get someone who knows more than me to make all the gas/water/vent connections...I'm just trying to plan out the space.
  2. I haven't seen it for sale this year. Does anyone know if there is one?
  3. Some of you guys have a funny idea of what "free speech" is. Sure...Phil can say whatever he wants to GQ or whomever else asks him for his opinion. He has that right just as A&E has the right to fire an employee who they felt violated their code of conduct. You cause your employers headaches...they might let you go. It's the same for all of us and has NOTHING to do with free speech. I'll bet very few people who feel Phil's first amendment rights were violated felt the same when Bill Mayer got fired for his 9/11 comment about the relative courage of a suicide attack vs pressing a button that launches a missile. People are usually more eager to stand up for "freedom of speech" when they agree with the speaker. Duck Dynasty is without a doubt the single most contrived "realty show" I have ever seen. Phil must have been aware that the Hollywood liberals who produce the show orchestrate every move they make and word they say...and that they're not going to stand by and let him jeopardize the revenue stream they've got going on. A&E probably over-reacted, and since (I'm guessing) most DD fans aren't exactly offended by what he said, he'll probably be back on the show after issuing some sort of semi-apologetic statement or "clarification". Moreover, it's quite possible that they're purposefully milking the situation for publicity.
  4. I wasn't being the least bit sarcastic. If the mailbox in my community looked like the one in the picture, I'd be calling a real estate agent.
  5. I have never seen anything like that at my mailbox. Come to think over it, I don't recall ever seeing a single piece of garbage at any of the three or four mailboxes I've used over the years. I didn't know a city in Canada exists that has residents that are the kind of inconsiderate slobs that would generate that kind of mess, and it's surprising (and disheartening) to learn otherwise.
  6. Hook sizes are the same as cable gauge. The larger the number, the smaller the size/gauge...up to zero. Then it goes 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, etc. The actual size of hooks is not standard across the industry. One company's #2 might be the same physical size as another company's #1 or #3...or whatever.
  7. I don't think its a big deal to see harvested game on display. It wouldn't bother me personally, in the least. I also don't mind seeing naked women. If you painted a mural on your van of several nude women performing various lewd acts...not unlike a dead deer, it wouldn't bother me in the least. The thing is, I recognize that just because I don't get offended over something, that doesn't mean its not offensive by someone else's very reasonable definition. It's pretty obvious by a few of these comments that at least some hunters display their quarry not despite the fact that it offends others, but because it does. Let's be totally honest here...there are some that get a little kick out of the shock value. We don't like the P3TA types...so knowing that we're offending those people is a little bonus. It reminds me of the time a very conservative guy I know asked me in a disgusted tone, "Why would you walk around with that long hair?"...and I replied, "To get that type of reaction out of people like you." Hunters sometimes bemoan what they perceive as attacks against them and their sport by non-hunters. That being the case, maybe it's best not to shove it in the faces of those types. It just gives them a reason to complain. If you really don't want to cover up your catch, don't be surprised to hear people gripe about it...you're kind of asking for it.
  8. My doctor makes a very good living telling me to do things like lower my caloric intake and avoid fatty foods. He obviously doesn't take his own advice, because he's about five feet tall and easily over 200 lbs. Just because he's done well for himself advising people how to live their lives (and doesn't live his life that same way) doesn't mean he's wrong about how to lose weight.
  9. Lemme guess...these statements come from two right-wing conservatives. Am I right? I bet I am. Why is it that non-progressives seem to think that it's not possible for man's actions to damage the planet and its ecosystems? Why do they feel the need to viciously attack anyone who attempts to raise awareness otherwise? I'd love for you to explain to me how the way someone acts at the gym has any bearing whatsoever on whether or not fall-out from a damaged nuclear facility is a danger. It doesn't in the least...but since you can't attack the science, you attack the individual. I wish I, like you, could just deny we face many problems and challenges. It would sure help me sleep at night. The thing is that I'm well aware that there are people who would eagerly ignore long-term ecological risks in favour of short-term economic gain...and they are doing so right now. Thinking otherwise is beyond naive.
  10. We sometimes get them off the dock at my buddy's marina on the French this time of year. I'm hoping to try next weekend. We pretty much employ standard ice tactics.
  11. I wonder if the little notches are just ornamental. Never seen anything like it.
  12. I come here almost every day. I almost never post in the "fishing" threads, because there's usually nothing I can add that someone hasn't already. To be honest, I forget the last time I actually learned something here that I didn't already know. I have zero interest in anything about centre pins, salmon, fishing tribs, etc, and there's a lot of that here. Basically if it wasn't for the non-fishing threads, I probably wouldn't come here. The locked threads are (for me anyway) by far the most interesting threads on this site. Whenever I see a thread is locked, I always click on it. Often I wonder why it was locked and think the only possibility is "too entertaining". That's on those occasions when the obvious reason for the lock isn't "too embarrassing to conservatives". Hey-oh! This thread will be locked.
  13. It seems somewhat disingenuous to me that you claim the mods here don't tend to be more lenient of conservative comments and commentators than progressive ones. It's their site and they can control content in any way they see fit...but let's not delude ourselves. Fishing is a traditional pastime and tends to attract individuals with traditional "values". The site administrators recognize this and would be cutting their own throats if they allowed a few wavy-gravy hippies to be spouting off ideology that most of the Community disagrees with or, in some cases, finds downright upsetting to hear. Who can blame them for crafting the page to appeal to their core audience? It just shows they're good at running the site that they do. If they were running a site for agnostic poverty-activists who are fans of the Daily Show, they'd be just as prudent to lean a lot further the other way. They certainly do a good job of keeping things respectful. When someone (regardless of political persuasion) steps out of line, or things between more than one individual gets heated and civility starts to break down, they lock stuff up and reprimand rule breakers. I just think they tend to lean to the right in how quick they are to take action. But like I say, that's their prerogative and in the best interest of the site to do so. By the way, if anyone knows of a site for agnostic poverty-activists who are fans of the Daily Show, please message me the link. Hey-oh!
  14. buddy...calm down. No wonder threads get locked on these boards so quickly. I see you missed the part where I said, "I don't like the Liberals"...I guess me hiding it right at the very beginning of my post threw you. I didn't "defend" them either. So settle right down, Chum. Obviously you can't handle hearing anything negative about your beloved Conservatives. Do you really think anyone who feels differently must be a "troll"? Maybe if your gang's social platform wasn't repugnant to most Canadians, you'd win a few more elections and be able to implement financial policy. Too bad you folks are too busy worrying about stopping abortion and gay marriage.
  15. I don't like the Liberals and don't really care about horse racing. I don't agree with this move, but can see she's trying to (rightly or wrongly) save a dying industry and some of the jobs associated with it. The conservatives are all about giving BILLION$ in tax breaks, subsidies, and grants to extremely profitable companies who don't need the money except to further deepen the pockets of executives, owners and shareholders. I don't know why that doesn't outrage people more.
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