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Need Help. Moon River Launch Suggestions Please


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Looks like Setomonkey and I are going out to enjoy the weather tomorrow and harass some esox.


I know there are a ton of launches on Moon river ,just looking for suggestions .

Need a fairly decent one as my to vehicle is a mini van.


Thinking of Moon river village area fishing woods bay area. Opinions?



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Hey tinbanger, I launch mainly out of Pete's Place but it is closed for the season ( too bad- best launch up there! ) I have also launched at Grisdales- end of the road beside Moon River Marina ( I think ) Georges ramp is kinda steep but well paved. The marina's is probably fine as well. Let us know how you make out- I have yet to pull out a 'ski but finally connected with some Pike this summer.

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Looking forward to it, it's going to be great weather for what will be my last kick at the softwater can. Hope to post pics of Esox, but there'll be some shots of trees & rocks no matter what. :D


Never fished Moon R. before so any general advice -- structure to look for, lures that work well -- would be much appreciated!



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I was just there and beleive or not, there were still some green weeds to be found.

That place is nuthin but structure, rock points, shoals granite drops, and deep weeds.

But In all honesty fishing was slooooooow, we were unaware of a situation you may want to know in adavnce....


The White fish are spawning and they are EVERY WERE.....

Locals were pretty hard pressed to beleive anyone could Coax a Ski to hit with such a plentifull food supply filling the river....not imossible but they were less then optimistic.


But we went at it anyway to no avail,

Hopefully you'll do better,



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I called earlier today ,they are still open $10 in/out park ..fair deal


you sure they don't mean 10 in + 10 out + 10 park = $30.00


Last time I was there (approx 5 years ago) I launched at a place and I'm 90% sure it was 8+8+8 to total $24...and the only reason I even went there is the year before the other place had charged me $20 and I thought that was a rip. So, perhaps these guys dropped their rates. i never went back and it was definitely the price that ticked me off. Didn't like feeding in to the little oligopoly they had at the end of the road. If rates are now only 10.00 I would gladly go back.

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Thanks Cookslav


Where on the river were you ? Trying to decide between the Moon and Midland harbour area.

Kinda leaning back towards Midland afte reading your report




Hey Tinbanger


I was with Cookslav on that trip and we stayed at the Moon River Cottages. That's in Arnold's Bay. We pretty much worked that area exclusively too. In terms of boat launching, give Bill a shout and see if he can help out. I did see him taking a boat out of the water using an ATV and a trailer so he must also put them in that way too. Long ride through the forest to get there though, hope your boat isn't all that big!


And Cookslav was right, it was super slow out on Moon. We spent large time trolling and casting (still green) weedbeds and I was the only one fortunate enough to land a 31" pike. Besides that, it was skunk city.


Beautiful area though. Probably going to hit it next year, only this time a few months earlier. Good luck!

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