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    Boat Covers

    I too am looking for a universal fit boat cover complete with an attached motor cover for a princecraft 142 proseries with side console. any recommendations on suppliers as I can,t seem to find anyone to supply cover that I want Thanks Tom
  2. Its about time, so now we can expect your post count to match irishfields in no time
  3. Good advice given Glen
  4. yes I was there also on Saturday afternoon, about 10 fisherman fishing.
  5. and Squid (Peter) has a photo op
  6. as others have said a rare breed indeed to last that long with one employer for me I received a watch at 25 years and a ring for 35 yrs of service finally retiring at 38 years second longest employee with the corporation.
  7. its like the old time winters, spring is still 2 weeks away
  8. Fantastic news , I hope your prayers have been answered
  9. Clear-Bright and -5 here in Burlington, but tonight could be a different story
  10. If you didn't get stopped I would say you are safe. No photo radar yet, but do yourself a favour and slow down a little
  11. try Burns ,on Plains road in Burlington.
  12. At this point I would say 3, Lakair, French River Lodge and the Moon River GB Great fishing and scenery
  13. I bought the large Woodstream soft bag a couple of years ago from JB's and would never switch back to the hard tackle boxes, just for the many reasons already mentioned.
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