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  1. I've had both the minn kotas and the Genius chargers - both have been very good for me. Would follow Tom's advice on the on board.
  2. Have also had good luck with the costco batteries
  3. We have all three platforms and IMHO the best value is definitely the Playbook (when on sale), while the easiest to use is the ipad.
  4. I have run the 16lb Torpedos, 15lb Sharks and 13lb Pancakes. They all do a good job - just comes down to value in my mind. I don't think the Sharks are worth the premium. I am pleased with the Torpedos and if you can get them at a good price, would be my choice. I have not tried the Rattlers. RK
  5. Hi, heading up to Ottawa in a couple of weeks and dragging the boat along. Looking for recommendations on where to take the kids tubing. Many Thanks, RK.
  6. Some good deals on Priceline as well....less on Hotwire (which is what I usually use).
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