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Smoking Trout?


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I am going to smoke a couple of trout this thankgiving for the hungry hordes decending upon my house Thurday.I cant find my brine recipe so I'm a bit in the weeds on this one.The trout are farm raised rainbows that are butterfly filleted.Whats a good solution?How long do I brine them and how long to smoke at what temp?Thanx,


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There are a bunch of sites on the internet. I usually let my filets soak for only a couple of hours at the most. I only use salt...maybe some onions too. I let dry the filets a good while before putting in the smoker. I let the filets smoke about 1 hour. It's one of those Canadian Tire smokers and there is quite a bit of heat so the trout get cooked too. I don't like a real heavy smoke flavour.

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This one is one of my favoourites...

Smoked Salmon Deluxe(or Rainbow Trout)

1/3 cup of sugar

1/4 cup non iodized salt

1 cup water

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp pepper

1/2 tsp of tabasco sause

1 cup dry white wine


Brine Salmon or Trout chunks 8 or more hours,keep refrigerated

Put through smoking process......enjoy !!!


Good Luck !!

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After removing the fish from the brine I recomend you let them tack up before putting in smoker. This lets the sugars in the brine form a glaze on the outside of the fish & also starts the drying process. It is a simple process where you put the fish on racks to let air circulate arround the fish & place in fridge for 8-12 hrs.

Also using brown sugar in the brine works excellent.


Good Luck: Rick

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There was a while there where I was eating lots of smoked trout and salmon. I was even smoking the trout and salmon sold in grocery stores....you know the inexpensive stuff at about 1.50 a lb. I was letting them soak for a long time in fancy brine mixtures and smoking them a long time in the smoker. Too much of that heavily smoked fish is hard on the stomach. Since I went to a more delicate smoke flavour, I really got to like it that way. Everybody who tastes my smoked trout and salmon really like it that way too.

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I brined them in salt,water,honey and brown sugarfor about 6 hrs.Rinsed them off a bit and I let them dry and firm up for about 12 hrs in a 40 degree garage with a cileing fan circulating the air.Smoked them in apple chips for 3 hrs,1st two hours on very low 90 100 degrees.The last hour was at 200 degrees or so.They came out perfect!Thanx for the help!


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