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Different sticker is all, from what I understand. The radisson guy is a white man like davey crocket, the sportspal guy is native.


Yes they are made in the same plant. Great workers in a clean plant. I couldn't be more impressed with their work quality and service.



I had no clue the other ones were mnade in the same plant!


There was an older gentleman who took me on a tour a while back, white haired and looked about 100 years old.


He'd apparantly been working there since they the Sportspals came out in the 40's.

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I have a 12' Sportspal bought in 1968 and it's done me well over the past year. I am looking to upgrade now, likely to a 14' Sportspal, and hopefully it will have a keel as my 12 footer does not. THAT makes it super annoying to paddle in anything other than zero breeze. I almost always use a 40lb Minn Kota, though, and it's decent (but still requires constant adjustment to keep straight).


There is another company in the US that makes "Sportspal" canoes that look similar, but are not related at all. Meyer or Meyers I think they're called.

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On 7/6/2012 at 8:56 AM, Jer said:

My "sportspal like" canoe says Sportsmaster, Toronto. Who knows much about these?

I’m in the same boat! LOL! 
My sticker says CCS Sportsmaster, Toronto. I’ve always referred to it as a Sportspal as that’s what the neighbour who sold it to me referred to it as. I cannot find any information on this particularly named canoe? I keep getting links regarding SportsPal canoes/boats. I also cannot find an identification marker anywhere, I.e., serial number, model, date. 
I realize this is a very old thread but am hopeful someone can help out. I’m selling it, as I’ve only plans for canoeing with our NovaCraft Prospector. Any information will be appreciated. 





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oops, I contributed to a re-surfaced 10 year old thread…oh well, I wrote it, so hopefully it’s useful to a new canoe buyer…..

I bought a 13.5’ Scott Bushman years ago. Square Stern up to 4hp and heavy cargo capable but what a TANK. 85 lbs of fiberglass is killer on the shoulders, even with the wooden yoke with neck cutout I added. Triple keel. Great for wind blown lakes but a bear for river paddling. 
it works great with a troller but see above again about paddling. Unsinkable with chambers and sponsons and stable enough to stand in, even in mild river current. 

if I bought another canoe, it would be a more efficient paddling model that is portage capable (under 50lbs) and not a square stern. I think I’d prefer to mount the electric troller on a side mount as the tiller handle isn’t right behind your back. If I ran a gas tiller, id still opt for a square stern however (over fears of losing an expensive motor on a side bracket) 


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