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  1. Any of you guys paint aluminum boat before? before I put the floors in my old Starcraft, I’m thinking I should repaint the bottom while I have the chance. I don't want to strip off the old paint though. Can anyone recommend a good roll on paint and primer? There may be some exposed aluminum after sanding
  2. I’m interested, where are you located?
  3. I’m afraid this vax vs anti-vax thing is going to bring about further problems. What a abusive POS though. She’s just doing her job. I hope the ***khead got charged for assault. Makes you wonder how he treats his wife/gf/partner
  4. Hey everyone, we bought a seasonal trailer this year that came with a really nice custom shed. I’m going to finish out the inside with luxury vinyl plank flooring, rustic cabinetry and a Murphy bed. the exterior walls are not done in ply or OSB. No tyvek. The previous owner did clever cladding of horizontal siding with pressure treated fence boards from the eaves down and board and batten in the gable ends. my question is, should I install some sort of vapour barrier inside? I’m going to clad the exposed 3x2 with rustic boards or shiplap. I will definitely do a vapour barrier and cladding where the mattress is, but wonder if the rest is overkill. This may be heated occasionally by a 120v heater. No AC. I’m not planning on insulating it as it’s in the shade 90% of the summer. No use from Oct 31-may 1st. (Ontario climate) Thoughts? thanks in advance
  5. Looks great. Don’t show my missus...jesus
  6. That’s pretty much the cost for craft beer. Some are up to $5 each.
  7. Outstanding!! Lifetime memory right there!
  8. Hulls need to be registered if motors 10hp or greater. You transfer your hull registration online with Transport Canada, not MTO. You need to submit a copy of your bill of sale. You will also need to supply the sellers name and info. IIRC, there’s a downloadable transfer form you can print off and take to the seller to fill out when you do the deal, but I’ve done it without the form a few times.
  9. That thing is awesome! so was the catch. I’ve never seen anyone do that with a fish. Assuming it’s a revival technique? How does the power dive help it? I’ve never caught silver so I’m unfamiliar
  10. Perfect thanks. Stability is a HUGE factor. I like swimming, but not from a kayak loaded with fishing gear. Wondering if an inflatable cat might be better (for fishing). There’s kayak racks at the shore but getting in the kayak is awkward with tough water access, think quarry walls etc. One rack is on a dock with steep and deep entry (get in at dock) and the other has a small set of steps leading in or the very steep boat launch. (Best option of the bunch) Ive never tried one but I have to assume an inflatable cat might be easier to mount/dismount and easier to store at my site.
  11. Was the cottage like a big open dorm full of bunk beds, or does it have a bunch of bedrooms? Is it comfy enough for families or is this a real basic roughin it type place? I don’t care if it’s the ritz...just want to know if this is a guys weekend spot or good enough for a family trip.
  12. Liking the first loon capture!
  13. Thanks for posting. This place is on my bucket list! do you know what they charge for boats? Mines pooched for the rest of the season
  14. So I’m looking to buy some inexpensive kayaks for the wife and I. One is just for touring around a small lake and the other should have some ability to do some fishing. We have a small dog, so room for it to sit aboard too would be a plus (but not necessary) I know nothing about kayaks...what’s good and what’s bad. Both need to be really stable as we’re getting old and not in the best shape physically. thoughts?
  15. Thanks for sharing. What we’re their cottages and rates like? assuming housekeeping units?
  16. Thanks Doug, I appreciate the link also. in regards to your 18 foot holiday, what did you find cumbersome about it. Outdrive tilt or depth limitations? Steering capabilities, draft or beam? I have never owned an inboard so I really don’t know anything about using one. Your hull would’ve been similar to mine. (except mine is an outboard). One thing I do like about my 16 footer is that I can park it in the garage once it’s set up and loaded for the season. But that is absolute absolute max. Anything bigger would have to stay in the driveway. but bigger (ie 22’) Would make me feel better out on great lakes. Maybe I should pick up an old 14’ beater tinner. My 8 horse kicker will run that. Not great but it’ll do it. Can put on top of my tent trailer for camping. Great for small lakes. And maybe an older 21-22 footer Starcraft Supersport or Holiday for the big water. leave the 16 at the “trottage”... she’s going to kill me with all these projects. I can’t afford new boat(s).
  17. I know it’s been some time since it happened, but sorry for your loss but also too congrats on the new relationship however that looks. Definitely consult a lawyer to protect yourself and whatever you plan on leaving to your kids as awkward as it may be
  18. Thanks guys. I’ve never owned a bigger boat so good to know. I’m on a budget so I’ll be on the lookout for a sub 20’ tinner to restore/resto mod.
  19. Hey everyone, need opinions on buying a second boat. We just purchased a seasonal trailer on a small spring fed lake. It has Bass, Perch and some walleye. Our current boat is an old 16’ Starcraft bow rider. Good multi purpose boat that gives everything we need at this lake. (Fishing, tubing, cruising) Launching is nasty and done by the park so the boat will become a seasonal put in too. By doing that, I won’t have a boat to use at home on small reservoir lakes and travel/camping/fishing trips. I’m also surrounded by big water. Huron and GBay near the trailer, and Lake Ont near home. So looking for a multi purpose boat to do good weather salmon fishing, French river/or other rugged Canadian Shield area fishing/camping trips and smaller inland lakes. I’m not opposed to a nice fiberglass family inboard bow rider for this lake also if the 16’ Starcraft is the better choice as the “travel-multi purpose” boat or would an old 18’ or 22’ aluminum Starcraft (bow rider or Boston whaler style) hull be a better option as my camping/destination/home waters boat? Not sure if that’s getting too big for smaller lakes... thoughts?
  20. Thanks. The cheese steak sammies have me craving this rig but I’m wondering if this one is just too small for get together. Just as well, PA sold out in one day . I’m going to watch for other sales
  21. Thanks for your thoughts. When you say you find it on the small side is that when cooking for more than 5-6 people kind of thing? I have a tent trailer and a seasonal trailer. So I like the fact that this one is small and portable and could be used with both types of camping. In both cases I have either a full-size barbeque or a portable grille. As much as I’d like a three burner unit with a lid, I don’t think that would work for both set ups.
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