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  1. +1 for island lake. launch in park. Guelph lake can also be good. Electrics allowed. 2 launch areas in the park. Access fee at gate.
  2. Glad you posted this. Lady Evelyn has been on my list for a while. Seeing this lodge makes that a higher priority. Watching with interest!
  3. Looking forward to my refund. Wish the 4 day work week article I read wasn’t an April fools joke. I vote for whomever tables that one! We work too goddamn much
  4. Thanks. Much appreciated I’ve amassed A ton of goodies. Grounding bars, fuse blocks, battery kill switches. It’s going to look a lot like that system. Trying to impart some of my own trickery. (like being able to patch all three batteries together in case the starting battery goes dead) Where I might need a hand is wiring up my new tach. This boat had zero anything in it. (navigation lights and a cigarette lighter is all it had) Trying to bring it up to modern spec.
  5. Not the controls. (Assuming you were referring to throttle control. I’m just using the standard OMC controls from the 90s) everything else is getting rewired. Lighting, switches, power supply, trolling system. The works
  6. Awesome. I’m doing 100% rewire on mine. If I run into trouble I might give you a call
  7. Yeah, my Daughter is at Fleming. It was not a feel good dropping her off I’ll say that. Every time I’m in that town there’s always a guy walking through town zig zagging all over. I would have preferred her going anywhere else.
  8. Good for you guys who choose to help. Everyone has a story and nobody wants to live on the streets. something has happened to these people to cause their lives to fall apart and I’ve heard from many that it is very, very difficult to break that chain and get back on top. I used to be the sorry no change guy because I felt it was just going to be used to buy booze or dope, but maybe they ARE hungry. Now I give. What’s giving a few bucks I’m gonna piss away anyway?? Do I really need it?
  9. I head the Hemi is being phased out for a turbo 6 and future electrics
  10. I suspect it may be much smaller than usual. The RV show was half the size from the last time I went 3-4 years ago.
  11. I wonder if they are marketing to those who stop at the store on the way home from work or those who pick up fresh food every few days as opposed to those who shop weekly. We shop every 3 days or so because we found food waste was too high.
  12. It’s a very good quality store. Prices are a little high. Nice fresh meats and produce. But it’s not a full grocery store. (No Toilet paper, paper towels, cleaners etc.) so food only. Nice deli. They are aggressively growing. We’re getting a 3rd near us
  13. I’m in the midst of a resto-mod with my boat. Thinking of building a rod locker below the floor. Disregard …I’m building a ski locker style instead. tubes will be too cumbersome and restrictive
  14. I had a big pop up about cookie management for this site with a huge list of toggle choices. I ignored it and it didn’t come back up next visit. Did anyone get that?
  15. Yes, that’s an emerging problem… we should start a cougar breeding program.
  16. They were eradicated in southern Ontario with all the farmland and urban development. If I’m not mistaken there was a bounty on black bear and puma around the 1800s. Because they are so elusive they’re seldom seen. We know they’re all around us in southern Ontario. Yeah the MNR always says that it’s an “escaped pet”. Bull. I do t think They’ve never been completely eradicated, and possibly on a comeback.
  17. Third, and disintegrate quickly enough so it does not harm or kill the fish, not 10 years like biodegradable garbage bags
  18. I think OP that your cheapest bet is to buy a spare battery. You can set up trolling motors to run off of small generators, but it’s not a direct hook up. You need a converter (because 12v generator outputs are somwhere around half as much as AC in amps) of course, this is kind of crazy when a gas powered OB or kicker will cost less
  19. There’s a deal… is it just back up power you need to get back to camp/launch or are your thoughts to recharge overnight/off use at your campsite etc. I think these generators are mainly used to charge small usb devices - phones, flashlights etc
  20. I think it would take 1-2 days to charge a big 12v deep cycle battery at 2 amps depending on its level of depletion. AGM batteries may take less though? I think they are supposed to charge faster. Maybe someone else can chime in
  21. I can’t help you on species or techniques, But there is a Gravel launch to both lakes
  22. I think she’s been eating Muskies. What a belly on it.
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