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  1. Hmm, wondering what I should target this weekend...

  2. Another T3 user here. I want to someday upgrade the body, but for now, I'm happy. They have a wide range of lenses and you get that Canon quality. It's just a hobby, and I don't have tons of money to drop on the high-end lenses. It's nice to know that they're there, though. And the $99 50mm 1.8 is a fantastic bargain. I have seen great pics from Nikon users too, but I personally don't care for them. My hands-on experience (other than my "waterproof" cam) has been brief, but that was my takeaway. At the low-end, at the time I bought, nothing Nikon offered could compete to the Canon low-end, in terms of features and price point.
  3. They still do, actually. Top is old (inherited from my grandfather), bottom is new (bought last week).
  4. LOL @ the rainbow shark... No tats here. You don't put a bumper sticker on a Porsche.
  5. I'm in the Tri-Towns, but I like to explore for trouts. There are some aurora lakes west of Watabeag, which is what actually brought me to that area initially. Also caught a couple brookies that way. I went to Wynn Lake near KL a few years ago - don't bother. It's got a huge pike in there, maybe more than one. Mostly I go into Latchford, Temagami, Matachewan, and Beauty Lake areas.
  6. Deleted. I am not trying to fight with people. Sorry.
  7. Good info in this thread. I have a pair of the wooden-handled Rapalas, one is really short and new, which is my main blade for trout nowadays. I don't fillet them, though, I just slice the belly, cut the heads off, pull the guts out, and clean the mudvein or whatever you call it. The longer one is a lot older, but same basic knife, and I'll use that for any filleting I do. I already picked out my next one, which will be a folding Uncle Henry / Schrade / Taylor. However, I'd like to get try my hand at making my own knives as yet another hobby. I don't see myself doing a fillet knife right off the bat, though. I think I'd enjoy the process, but we'll see. I lack a lot of the necessary tools right now.
  8. I heard the Amber Alert on the radio around 6pm last night, I think an hour before they found the kid. I heard that whoever found the car had heard about it via the Alert, so I guess it did its job. That father needs to thank is lucky stars that whoever did this at least had the sense to ditch it when they realized what had happened. This could have been SO much worse than it already was. And for what? To save a whole minute of his time, taking the kid out of his seat to bring him in? damn. This stuff pissed me right off! And he left the car running?!!!! what the hell is wrong with him??? Seriously. "Don't judge" my ass. A parent's job is to look out for his or her kid(s). Period. Leaving a kid, ESPECIALLY an infant, alone, in a running vehicle (I assume not locked, too, unless he had a second key)... what the hell. If it wasn't someone trying to steal a car, but someone trying to steal a baby, this would have ended very differently. PROTECT YOUR KIDS. It was done when I was a kid, too. lol
  9. Huh. Weird to see the name of a road I've fished down on here. Too bad I am a few days late. It was definitely open a few weeks ago, before any snow melted. Even the roads that intersect it were plowed. Lots of trout waters up that way, though I've only fished a couple of them so far. ;)
  10. Congrats on the rainbows! I think that's my next goal, having caught lakers, splake, brookies, and Auroras through the ice... Rainbows are actually my favorite fish for every reason, except for the difficulty I have in catching them most of the time. To go back to an earlier portion of the conversation that I missed, my set lines are like this: Half or so of a hockey stick with the ends cut off. Near the top , I drill a hole on an angle and shove half of a cheap fishing rod through it. On the opposite side, I put one of those reels that beeps when line is taken out. I throw a small hook with a piece of worm and a splitshot a few inches above, drop it in, and adjust the reel so that the line spools easily and then I wait for the inevitable beep! I have two of these, in case whoever I am fishing with wants to use one. I set that somewhere, then jig with a rod in various other holes. I don't even have to look at the line if I'm close enough to hear the beeps. Is that cheating? No more than using a flasher, in my opinion.
  11. So, I got curious and asked the MNR about how the lake was accidentally stocked, and they said the stocking team thought they were at a different lake. So there we go, mystery solved. Also, they may be discussing making it into a "real" Aurora lake in the future, especially in light of how Wynn Lake is now nothing more than a gigantic pike feeding ground.
  12. The money also pays for giant freezers for P3TA to store all the dead cats and dogs that they kill (over 80% killed since 2002).
  13. Nice job! Seems like I missed out again. One of these days...!
  14. If this applies to fishing and hunting, does it also apply to the chicken, beef, and pork industry?
  15. Thanks, everyone! I hadn't asked the MNR how lakes get mis-stocked, but if I had to guess, someone didn't use a GPS (there are several official Aurora lakes close by). And thanks for re-sharing, cl_fishin!
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