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Mentoring My Nephew - First Attempt @ "Big Fish", First Wade, and First Trout!

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Some of you may have seen my previous post that I have been mentoring my nephew with fishing over the last year or so.


Last year was dedicated ENTIRELY to sun-fishing, just to give him that "itch" a little bit and to teach him the basics. After a trip out for sunfish again to get the rust off, we've started going for "real" fish the last two Sundays. It was nice to take the little fella out on Sunday since it was Father's Day and he doesn't have a dad. It's also his birthday on Tuesday so that was an added bonus.


Part One - Our First attempt at "Big Fish" - June 13 @ Belwood Lake.


We decide on Belwood Lake since they have a stocked trout pond and an active Pike population. We're shorebound though and I figure hitting a Pike may be tough. I inquire about the kids trout pond and the gatehouse girl says "oh, we've rented that out today, he can't use it." :wallbash: We fish below the dam for a bit, and move up to the rock wall because the dam is pretty disgusting. He's on worms and I'm actively looking for a pike for him to reel in. I come up blank, but the little fella gets a few Rockies (which he is delighted with):






He then decided to throw a piece of garbage into the lake after being asked not to and received a quick lesson in conservation:




He was happy to oblige and happy with his day!


Part Two - His First Wade & First Trout (Brown) at an undisclosed location:


On Father's Day I took him for his first wade and trout fishing experience. The water was relatively low and it was a good day to get out (nice weather, low wind).


His Casting Is Much Improved:




"I just dropped one of Uncle Ryan's fish in the water by accident" look:




"But I'll be damned if I'm going to drop my first ever trout into the river before a picture is taken!"




I managed to catch a 16"-18" brown with him there and he got to witness a true battle. The fish ran and ran and it was an amazing fight. It would jump and dive. In a hilarious twist, he lost sight of the fish and asked where it was. No sooner were the words out of his mouth that the fish tail-slapped the water right in-front of him and soaked his face and shirt. He laughed and thought it was awesome. :clapping:


With Bass Opener this weekend we're going to try to get him his first SMB and wade again!


Planned lessons include - "How to Hold a Fish"

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Hey Uncle Ryan "you are the best" :clapping:


I know what an uncle's interest and love can do to and for a young boy without a father. Truly time well spent and well invested. That little nephew of yours loves you.


Sure hope he gets his first SMB this weekend. :Gonefishing:

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You are an inspiration.


To have you as a mentor is a godsend, i work with children in care and get to do a lot of 'mentoring' too in a way.


your time spent with this young boy is priceless....WTG!


Really touching report, the pictures and story gave me goosebumps


Thanks for sharing.

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It's not like it's a hassle folks, I'm fishing! But I appreciate all your kind words nonetheless.


The kid has all the instincts and passion needed to be a great little fisherman and I suspect he'll come along. He prefers active fishing, as opposed to sitting on a rock wall, so that's what we're going to focus on. Wait til we get the little guy out in a boat.

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The little exercise on littering will go a long way too. :clapping:


Yeah, it already started registering with the little fella - on our next trip on Father's Day he found a worm container at the side of the river and said "this shouldn't be here." He then stated his desire to take it home and use it to hold stuff, but I said it was probably more at home in the garbage bin.

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