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  1. A 50"+ Musky almost hit me in the chest yesterday it jumped out of the water at my bait so hard. I know what deer in headlights feel like now.

  2. If the recommended guide is Danny Columby pay the 450. One of the best musky guys in the province and the best on Nipissing
  3. If anyone is in the west arm area near St Charles sept 17 to 21 we'll ve fishing muskies and you're welcome to come meet up with us. Edit: cottage occupancy now full.
  4. I would loooove to verify the accuracy of this with a local MNR officer. The area thinks its gifted, while it's just an average fishery.
  5. Iphones dont have external storage options or the option to swap out batteries. I have used significant amounts of androids and iphones. The best battery life is undoubtedly the Samsung Note series. Replacement batteries for any Samsung can be found on ebay for like $4. It's good if you're camping or off the grid. The removeable sd card option lets you expand storage to a high level and swap out the card into another device for transfer purposes or use on something else. If you buy an 8gb iPhone you are stuck with 8gb. Buying used iphones is also a lot riskier with locked cloud accounts existing these days. Why doesn't iPhone have these options you wonder? They want you to buy more phones......often. For the purpose of what you want your phone for a droid is much better. You can also buy the dust/water resistant phones like the rugby or s5.
  6. Entropy, I know a ton about cellphones as I have worked in telecom in one aspect or another for 15 years. When you get close to making your purchase pm me. A few things to note: 1) Dont buy an iPhone, buy something that you can carry external batteries for amd external sd cards. You will need both. 2) Buy the phone off kijiji. Androids or BB can be found at good rates. Test the camera and sim test it on site. Buy one with the original box. Ryan
  7. Hey OFC, Well I have dropped the BillstheBassMan handle and changed to MuskyMotivated. Treat this as an introduction of sorts. I fished my local rivers for years, enjoyed what I did....trout from opener until June. Bass until the season ended. I would take the odd lake excursion but was happy fishing 3lb smallies against the current. Until it happened..... Late last season I was bass fishing and hooked into a river musky....a small 40". I caught my second within 20 minutes. My third and fourth came within weeks. The long winter was spent collecting musky tackle (a very lucky kijiji deal helped). I researched the species, their habits, and waterways on an hourly basis. That first Musky changed the game.....I found myself huddled in parking lots in January buying Legend Tournament rods from Fisherpete. Compres at Tim Hortons from Rob Cadeau, talking Muskies to the point of hypothermia (I mean I could have just bought another coffee). 3 Lexas, 1 boat, 1 humminbird si, 5 rods, 1 kicker motor, and countless lures later I figured it was warranted I change my handle. I drove 2 hours into thunderstorms to fish skis for a few hours this weekend as opposed to driving 10 minutes into clear skies to countless loaded bass holes. For those who have offered their wisdom along the way it is more than appreciated. Fisherpete (I now handtie 150lb flouro just off example of the leaders you gave me), Lew (your west arm stuff put the first ski slime on my boat), Speedtroll, and yes, even Musky or Specks (sorry about the redd survey). Report/Pics to come for when I figure out how to properly load them. MuskyMotivated (Ryan)
  8. Lost a big ski this weekend, need some rod handling practice

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    2. Fisherpete


      I agree with 80/100 lb test but I prefer the other way around - 80 for trolling as your drag should be let off a touch while trolling... 100lb for casting so you can drive those hooks home with a locked down drag!

    3. Fisherpete


      Sorry to hear about the big lost ski by the way! You'll get her next time!

    4. BillsTheBassMan


      Yeah, my bigger reels have 80 or 100. This was on the lexa 300, so I went with 65lb. It was in a river environment as well, perhaps rivers need the heavier line moreso due to more rocks and current

  9. Checked twice this year already. Good conversation and good guys. Even gave me a few spots.
  10. Earlier this week I met up with Mattaw to do a trade/sale for a beautiful new Humminbird unit for my boat. We both arrived on time (early) at the agreed upon spot. We shook hands, talked a little fishing and went through the transaction. He had forgot the keys for the lock he had on the unit and the knob the lock had replaced. He said he would mail them and I'd have them before the weekend. While inspecting the unit I found a few dings (nothing major) amd he offered money off. I declined. I didnt have opportunity to test the unit and he said if there were issues when I do (this weekend) we would figure something out. He also advised he would send me some helpful links on using side imaging. We stood around talking fishing for a few hours despite our angry significant others waiting for us to get home. Max extended an invite to go to his cottage at my schedules convenience to fish his home lake. Well, OFC. By Monday night (the night we met) I had my side imaging tutorial sent to me. When I got home from work Wednesday I had the keys/knob in my mailbox. When I test the unit tomorrow it will work. And when I get the opportunity to find some time, I hope to fish with Max. A testament to him and the community itself. The week before I met another OFNer who sold me some tackle. SpeedTroll and I had some brown pops and had good, esox related conversation. He warned me of a few things from his experience and it was another great transaction. Proud to be a part of a place where community, dignity, and mutual respect still exist. Ryan
  11. Beautiful stuff Pete. At the rate I'm going I'll be posting similar stuff soon. Congrats on what is shaping up to be an amazing year my friend. You've really turned into a guru.
  12. I'm assuming I know what lodge you are looking it in NW lavigne area and fyi we received different pricing than quoted upon arrival. As we drove 6 hours we were kind of screwed. He also had our dates recorded wrong. With that said the lodges were nice and the fishing was good.
  13. If you're in it for sport fish bass/pike, not many guys do and traditional bass tackle will work at all times of the day on traditional spots. If you're in it for food I'm the wrong guy. I haven't kept a fish in over 10 years.
  14. They really turned on for me there last Friday Lew. Keep after them. They are there. Got only bad pictures as I had to fish by myself. I'm going back mid September. You been up through the west narrows?
  15. Awesome Mike!!! Impressive. What St Croix LT is that you're using to bomb those?
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