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  1. Cleaning out some gear. Cumberland float tube with fins 150.00 OBO used 1/2 a dozen times. https://www.amazon.ca/Classic-Accessories-Cumberland-Float-Tube/dp/B001PR3MCA?th=1&psc=1&source=googleshopping&locale=en-CA&tag=googcana-20&ref=pd_sl_8ttx18kchf_e
  2. Was fishing from the boat for crappie @ Mactier Ice is 99.5 percent of the lakes there.
  3. I'm going to second the pure poodle. I was reluctant at first but am just amazed at the intelligence and speed and swimming ability of my dog. They are a true outdoor dog and in fact their name is a play on the French word for puddle.
  4. Looks very much like a speck to me. Photos a bit washed out but from what I see there is not spots on the opercular cover and the spotting on the sides does not extend down onto the belly.
  5. The live cam shows that the ice is coming off Norway Lake http://www.algonquinpark.on.ca/virtual/webcam/index.php
  6. Talked to a friend in Dwight yesterday it snowed the previous night and there was still a foot of snow on the ground.
  7. Man the north is so perilously beautiful. You are so fortunate to have a skill that allows you to travel the way you do. I enjoyed the travelogue part of your trip much more than the fishing report although those are some large lakers. Thanks
  8. My trips to Labrador @ the Canada Day weekend the whitefish are going crazy for flies. Hard to get a good drift for the Ouananiche and brookies when you flies dont even drift 3 ft down river and you have two or three whiteys on at once( I fish three flies on a line when allowed. Also have had great dry fly action for them in the evening on Manitou Lake in Algonquin @ the 24.
  9. This is the pet friendliest place I've ever stayed. Left the cottage door open all day. My dog came and went as she pleased and owners have several dogs always off leash. Plus the fishing was fantastic. http://www.milllakelodge.com/
  10. Can confirm road is clear but bumpy from 66 to Matheson. Forty inches of ice on the lake we fished the past two days and lows of -22 both nights.
  11. The trans Labrador Highway is now great. Just make sure it's after all the frost heaves. The rough road is from Manicougan5 to Fermont .
  12. Yes I boat too camp there all the time
  13. As stated Whitemans above Princeton is Horner Creek http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n308/kookyzone/Letter%208.5%20x%2011_zpsqonplslt.jpg
  15. Mike is this the lake we have discussed or is it a different one or is the hike threw the snow following hydro lines. PS Not enough fish porn.
  16. Well I had to chime in because its all rhetoric. Here's an exercise for you. Go over your tax records, correlate your tax percentage of income on both a provincial and federal level for as far back as you keep records to the political party in power at that time. Now some will say that money in your pocket isn't the be all and end all of democracy but they are all thieves and only look out for themselves(so why shouldn't you) and their cronies and really I've been paying out for 40 years now and life really hasn't changed one way or another.(to clarify its definitely gone down hill but that is the result of the entire political process not any one party) I think letting in terrorist is the least of the worries its just your everyday criminals that slip through that worry me.
  17. Came back Wayne just to say that this is horroble news and my thoughts are with you and your family
  18. Never insulted anyone here and have only tried to be helpful, but tired of crap like this from members who have contributed absolutely nothing to this board. CRUD150 A Whooping 45 post total with this well thought out contribution. "Some great replies. One, rather childish and whiny. Good luck on the Grand!" To those who I have shared time on the water with good luck and we'll see you around.
  19. Same place we hold the fishing for Tyler event at.
  20. If they had some rental sites back where the group camping is I'd probably be there all the time but camping right beside the road is not my bag
  21. Personal favourite place to swim in SW Ontario. I just wish they had better camping sites. Congrats to C-Cubed on all her PB's.
  22. Where did I say shaming? It is an introductory post to introduce yourself. And by placing it as a sticky it gives first time visitors a idea of what we expect. I suggest you make a visit to Reddit Roy and look at every sub-reddit which gives RULES sometime quite extensive before you can place a topic or post and if they are not followed the MODS remove the post. But if you don't place the rule or guideline how are first time visitors to know. Get off your butt Mods and actually be proactive instead of just running things the way they have always been. What can it hurt to sticky(PIN) this Roy? Is it to much work to copy and paste my idea?How bout you discuss it with the site owner? Then when a newbie comes here (who may become a valuable member of this community(and I can think of several who started with a "shaming" first post) members can just ignore a first post like this and mods can remove it.Instead right know I feel obligated to inform a first time poster how to get a good response so that we don't lose someone who may bring something to the table here at OFC.
  23. 2 post ,intro , gimme gimmie gimmie. I ask once again for a sticky post regarding First post. (Pinned)BEFORE YOU POST ON OFC FOR THE FIRST TIME PLEASE READ THIS. We are not in the habit here of just telling strangers where to fish. That said we are a helpful group to those who wish to become part of our community. For your first post we recommend an Intro telling us a bit about yourself and your passion for the sport of fishing. Your Username ,how you fell in love with fishing, maybe the best fishing experience you can remember(fish pics help). You will find if you take the time to do this, members here will take the time to point you in the right direction. The longer you are a member and the more active you are will generally lead to some very specific answers via PM. Sincerely Long Time OFC Members Could we get a mod to sticky that.
  24. Wow between Lake Nippising and Algonquin Park FN are really doing a number on the ecology. Trudeau really effed things up in 1982 trying to leave a legacy as being the PM to bring the constitution home.
  25. I've already sent him maps for Mijin and that lake at the end of the North Arm
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