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  1. "TELL ME WHAT YA WANT FOR CHRISTMAS!!!" lol! i saw it it was pretty good, its just an all out action with little to no pause. i think the best character in the movie was jason statham. really loved the effects they put into the knives, jet li was also pretty good.
  2. i meet the woman of my dreams, get her phone number, aaaand my blackberry falls into the water.. LOL!

  3. hmmm i think a trip to bass pro is in order.
  4. reason your breaking them is because they were not designed to be a deflection bait, they are meant to swim not bump or drag bottom. you'll need a fatter more durable shallow diving lip if your planning on deflecting it off of structure.
  5. i think he's at the ganny! lol
  6. hahahahaha i love pure pwnage! i met jeremy and doug at comicon when i was doing the splinter cell contest. "everyone knows you run faster with a knife.." LOL
  7. lol is that the FPS Doug "BOOM HEAD SHOT" t-shirt your wearin there TC?
  8. i used it, it worked for catching some guys in a sanctuary. the CO didn't show up till the next day, but thankfully they were greedy enough to come back and fish it again.
  9. my sisters bf got one in the mail the other day. the guy said he was the executor of the estate for his kin of the same last name. it was weird. anyways it went on to say that she had left him 18 million euros and to respond to the letter if interested. he sent it to the police station lol.
  10. lol or you could just say that the florida bass are only known as the florida bass because their growing season is year round. where as when the ice hits our water our bass ALMOST stop feeding. i say 25lbs 25oz and measure it to be about 19' LOL
  11. ya pete. just click the "insert media" button beside the pic button, and paste it in.
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