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A Lake Ontario fish

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Went out and tried L. Ontario this afternoon with the north winds and sun making it seem pleasant.

Tried trolling and casting the usual lures without much luck. The water was real clear making the bite tough.

A few small trout were caught but nothing signifcant. The only other boat out there was board member Mikeh, whom we didn't expect to meet. We chatted a bit then went fishing in different directions.


Ran into Mike again later and he caught this nice fish



At the time it was suggested it was a brown trout but i thought it was an Atlantic due to its super silveryness

and many of the black flecks resembled x-shapes.

Now i think it is a brown though, after looking at the picture :dunno:


Real nice fat fish anyways, congrats Mike.

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thanks for taking the picture Erik, the fish was caught casting a rattlin' rap type bait in silver colour. It was definately a tough bite as you could look down and see the fish and they wouldn't bite. There were three boats fishing there and all had a slow day.

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Initially when Mike caught that i thought atlantic because it was so silvery, quick pic and briefly out of water.


after looking at pic later, noticed tail


That's a brown for sure, take a look at the tail :)


then it had too many spots especially around gill plate. Not a few large spots on gill plate.


Atlantic has fewer spots on the gill plate.



So thought it was a brown trout when pictured was viewed when enlarged.


Mike, i kinda forgot that other boat that was there briefly. Even though he crossed in front twice when we were trolling

and then got tangled in our lines. The schools of emerald shiners were cool we thought there was new huge weedbeds there but it was millions of minnows.

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