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  1. I truly miss our great fishing adventures , when my leg has healed you can be sure that we will be doing some serious Muskie hunting, oh and we definately have to find some good recipes for catfish, I'm all about that, fantastic post!!!!!!
  2. Ya wow! some of those are really dated eh. fantastic pics though, gets the juices flowin.
  3. Hey thanks for the info on the Harbor license, this has always been a big debate and now the record is set strait.
  4. Funny thing is though, you do have a better memory for the fishing spots, times, and gear used, however I am a little caught up in the details sometimes. Like if you remember the moon phase we caught all those smallies on, was that full dark side? I looked back on some of those pics the water was like glass and we had beau-coup fog on the lake. That`s why fishing with you is an absolute pleasure, there is no fuss or argument about where to go on what day, because I know you not only do your homework watching trends, reading charts, weather patterns n such, that I know we wont get skunked, and to be quite honest we have`nt been skunked yet. okay maybe once.lol
  5. I like how you noted the moon phase as Erik and I are right on that one. That made a huge difference in our fishing years ago.
  6. I like that there are those who really put their back bone into it with dedication, it shows the true passion of the anglers on this board. Its cool to see everyone here has their own perfect mathematical system to break it down, Aaron and Jay make interesting points leading me to believe that although I missed the boat on that one, there still is time to make it happen and I should probably do it regardless of my age and limitations. Thanks guys.
  7. Don`t worry, Erik and I have posted many pics of the like, and it hasn't changed the traffic in decades. Its all for posterity.
  8. FANTASTIC!!!!! I love it, I have fished that pike location for a long time and had the same success, seeing those pics gets me wild with Pike fever, but in recent years had trouble getting out in the boat, mostly due to the fact that my buddy insists that you must have a harbor permit to fish there, or even cross to this location. (the one with Toronto skyline). Those Pike are still there!! and so many to be caught! This is truly a great post! and the pics are flawless. Although my buddy would argue that keeping a log of conditions, time n date would be a waste, I differ, because for the life of both of us, neither can remember exactly those things, (which I'm sure he would argue to the death) this has made a couple of our previous attempts unsuccessful. Maybe 2011 will be our year. Thanks again.
  9. How much would you give me if I told you I had a book with all the details of every fishing day that produced on every lake in Ont, with location, time, day, temp, depth, size, lure, sure to put you on the big ones in minutes of your docking location? Well I don't, but the years have passed, I'm 41 and there is one thing for sure, youth is fleeting. I fished many many years with my good fishing buddy Erik, and I hope there are many more to come. Erik and I, owe a lot to the great ones who have come before us, they have helped increase our knowledge and catching ratio, however since the years have passed fishing has become more difficult for Erik due to his inability to maneuver as he did when he was not stricken with Multiple Sclerosis. As the saying goes, when we are out on the water "time is of the essence". Putting together what we have learned even from many here on the board the fishing itself is like waiting for the tide to come in, and its not as if we have`nt done our homework. I am writing this to pass on a great tradition that should be in every fisherman's arsenal. Here it comes,... you ready,... The note book and pen,.....Ta Da!! Here is the one thing I have missed out on and therefore have missed out on some great opportunities. The secret to this game I believe is to write everything down throughout the day especially after the great catches. Even bad catches are to be logged, time of day, temp, of the air and water, depth, type of fish, size, GPS and or landmark locations, what lure was used and most of all how much time it was between catches. Trust me, I regret never taking notes, in almost 20 years of fishing with Erik I never took a note, not one, aside from the usual mental note. As tedious as this may sound, boring and time consuming, this is the ticket for future big fish, and more of em! this will cut down on kill time and searching. I am sure many of you already do this, but I wish someone would have passed this tip to me 28 years ago. So for those who don't, I pass it to you, even in the age of technology a pen and a small book of paper can be worth a lot of dough ray me. Good luck out there and be safe on the ice.
  10. Ya, I think next time its Muskie trollin for me. Just bring the heavy gear and kill it. I think we can do much better as the months roll into November. Thanks EHG for the good day hitting muskies. I guess that punch in the stomach was really never meant to be. LOL!!
  11. I look at the pic of that prop and it still amazes me, I cant get over the thought of that thing being ripped off.
  12. I have not seen the ice there off Leslie spit, although I suspect there is some, and by the time ice is out there Pike will be out. It only runs from January 1st to March 31st, then isnt opened till May 1st. Sad really, I had my best Pike ever down there, and always in Late March Mid April. The new Regs SUCK.
  13. OMG!!! That is the funniest fishing vid I have ever seen, Im totally in stitches, and I will be singing that for weeeeks!! BTW EHG has a short shaft Johnson, how do I know? He brought it in for repair because it dont pump no more. Hahaaaaaaaaaaa seriously! He pulls on it night and day and it wont do a thing hahaaaaa. Haaahaa EHG!!
  14. I think its funny that Loblaws sells rainbow trout and on the same rack next to those are steel head rainbow trout for 40 cents more,.... ?? Okay whats up with that. Hello! Same fish! I smell a marketing scam, big time.
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