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  1. Well, this little dream of mine finally came true! I finally published an article in Ontario Out of Doors and I'm tickled pink. I want to thank Mike Solopaddler Borger for supporting me as I worked through it, as well as our classy, friendly and extremely professional centrepin reel builders. If you have a chance, give the article a read! It's in the 2015 Nov/Dec issue p.-
  2. Not yet. Though I expect I will at some point. Still, it's harder to get a good shot when they're in the water. Results are far more spectacular when they are flying through the air I would, except... well... they're mostly on the redds now, down here at least. Hopefully they are mostly done by the time 12:am Saturday rolls around... Not sure mine (T2i has a back button, but I'll check). Now my shift is done and I'm heading home to flick another button... the little red one on the remote! p.-
  3. Exactomundo! Which is why I referred to my sore buttocks - I think I might have seen you there. Lovely shots. You captured some true monsters p.-
  4. uh, this weekend? I'm not sure really............. p.-
  5. That's about it, and a sore buttocks...I sat there for an hour with my eye stuck to the viewfinder, doing my best to click whenever I saw one jump. So I snapped well over 300 shots, most of which were either out of focus or had a tail in it or just a head etc... Some of them were just really crisp freeze-frame pictures of running water, lol. . Another trick, if you have a dslr (probably works with upper end point and shoot cameras too), is to press the shutter button halfway and keep it pressed, while you wait for the next fish to make its move. That way, the camera is already focused when the fish passes through the sight & it doesn't waste any extra time before engaging the shutter. Thanks for the kind words everyone . p.-
  6. Hi all, it's been a while since I posted (life being that way... sometimes...) but I always love to share my "jumping steelhead" pics with this group. I was down at the local dam this weekend, with my 300mm zoom lens, hoping for good results. A tiny bit of cropping & a few adjustments later and... you be the judge! p.-
  7. You're putting that new Canon lens through its paces, I see . Nice work! That first pic really shows how rough it can get up there. There must've been some serious weather activity and/or trekking through the bush to tear the propeller off your cap like that! heheheheh Just kidding, of course. Great post as usual! p.-
  8. Thanks for posting this Joey! I had read and heard of salmon reaching that branch of your river for a while, but this is the first time I see actual pics. That river has a long way to go on the road to recovery, but this is a great start. Still, when I drive by some of the lower reaches along the DVP, I always find myself wishing it were in better shape. There are some awesome stretches of water down there that would be so much fun to fish! p.-
  9. Hoooooolyyyyyy PIKE-inaw!!!!! thanks for another great report, Mike! p.-
  10. Really? That's news to me... I have nooooo idea what you're talking about... (<--sarcasm)
  11. You can also load the entire PDF in your iBooks (which you can download free from the iStore). That way, once downloaded, you don't need any kind of connection to read them. That's how they become your iRegs. You might need a magnifying glass , but you won't need any kind of connection. p.-
  12. I thought it was funny. I don't think it was intended as it was taken . Maybe Fidel and I can scrounge up some French ones, while we're at it. "De pêche, you cannot do dat ici, là. Ok?" (I do an outstanding Jean Chrétien btw - it helps when half your family already speaks the same way!) p.-
  13. They look like the Ticats offensive line.... quarterback sneak! p.-
  14. Thanks Bill - next time you come for a visit, don't just bring the rod . It's "hard" work, though. It takes a lot of clicks to get just one good shot! p.-
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