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A 2 week old muskie report with 2 personal bests

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On October 16 I went muskie fishing with a buddy and we decided to try a body of water that I have been on before but only fished for bass and pike. I wanted to try this lake earlier in the year but never did since the reports and comments were not very promising. My buddy has fished this lake several times for muskie and has had some good days so I decided to trust his judgement and knowledge of the lake and what a great decision that turned out to be.

The first couple of spots didn't turn up anything so we decided to hit a nice back bay. Immediately I got very excited about the potential I saw in this bay, and my buddy kept assuring me that we would at least see some fish in there. Within the first 15 minutes of casting my bucktail I hooked into a fish that would turn out to be my personal best muskie, a 42 incher. I screamed in celebration when the fish entered the net and quickly popped out the hook, took a few photos and released the beauty.



Once I settled myself down we went back over the structure to make another pass and within 20 minutes I had a nice fish follow up my Suick. About another 15-20 minutes later I had another fish follow my Suick, which I think was a big pike but didn't get a good enough look at it to confirm. Once again about 15 minutes after that I went back to my bucktail which got me the first fish and was almost immediately rewarded with a second muskie in the boat. This on measured out to be a nice 40 incher and gave me the most muskie I've ever landed in one day.


I guess all this action came within a peak feeding time because we didn't catch another muskie for the rest of the day, but did manage a couple of 3-5 lb pike, a small bass, and we both missed a few hits. All in all, it was a great day on the water with a good friend, who turned out to be a good guide. :thumbsup_anim:



The second pic from the left is the 40 incher, all the rest are from the 42.






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Great report and pics smbhunter :thumbsup_anim:


Congratulation on your PB :clapping: Real nice ski's :thumbsup_anim:

Your smile says it all :thumbsup_anim:

Again great job and thanks for sharing


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Great Report Jay!

Those ski's better start shaking now that you've "discovered" them and have caught the disease (as evidenced by the major dent in your credit card recently)!!! :lol: :lol:

Can't wait to get out with you sometime soon.

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NICE FISH MAN , how much she weigh? :)



Didn't weigh either fish. I usually don't weigh a fish unless I have a cradle or a weigh bag. I think it does too much damage to a fish to put the hook from the scale in it's gills, even if done carefully. I'm guessing the bigger ski was between 20-25 lbs, and the smaller one between 15-20 lbs.


Roger, we must get out before the season ends so you can see first hand how diseased I really am :stretcher: and where that "major dent" came from.

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