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  1. The governments have no choice because we are on the line to cover the pension funds. Will Canada be smart enough to make sure that any profits made ( after the second round of bailouts of course) several years from now are used to pay off the pension fund deficits?
  2. You can't complain about catching quality fish like those big ones guys!
  3. And for the man who needs a combo boat and Take of eh capabilities
  4. Wild

    Northern Minnesota

    Cold yet inviting. Great pictures Dan.
  5. Well this is a tough one, Hearingfish needs a cheque for a monitor but he can't read the address, and I am not sure if he can hear this either so whatchagonna do? OK I found another sale but only want the boat, anyone want to go halfsies? Legand Pro Fishing Boat
  6. Did you forget to omit the 200,000+ illegal immigrants presently in Canada?
  7. Is it time to start fresh and have a true Canadian auto company that can sell internationally?
  8. Heck I was hoping to see a vid of Jed and Granny walking into the store
  9. You are really doing great Simon funny how you are so far away yet seem so close. Keep up the great reports and more scenery pics please!
  10. I don't know if Steve wants to stock specialty rods but he will order them in for any customer. He also ships worldwide in case anyone is interested.
  11. Wild

    Lure Making

    Rodpody do you or anyone else plan to make other sinkers? I am setting up a small shop style foundry for aluminum brass and even limited iron casting so I will be able to produce custom lure and sinker designs. Already have an interesting aluminum muskie plug design here on the desk.
  12. Work? You guys actually work up there and night shifts even? Well this puts a whole new perspective on the idea of moving up there
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