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BOQ Nov 26-27 Report

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Went out to fish on the 26th with Laker John and BayBoy and while launching, we met a fellow angler who was out and was very successful at catching walleyes, landing them up to 13.75 lbs and not travelling a great distance.


We thought, we should give it a try and have a look around.


We started trolling and it became rapidly evident that we were on top of a lot of fish.


The successful fisher had clued us in on the lure size andwe downsized considerably and within twenty minutes we had landed a nice pike, well at least they could see the lures. Continuing on our first pass, the reel screamed and Bayboy landed a nice 23 incher on a Silver / Black CC Shad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The weather cooperated and we had flat conditions and we fished from 1245 to 1700 and the total for the day was a pair of pike, three walleyes in the well and one HUGE eye lost at the net - figured well over 10lbs - DARN.........The fish were caught on CC Shads and Minnow Raps.


Tuesday morning after ALL the rain we had overnight brought a change of pressure and the winds came along also. This made trolling much more difficult but we persisted and continued trolling.


This is what were seeing:




and a little further we saw this:




We continued to fish with the wind and the rod popped again, BayBoy's turn at the rod.




A nice 8.5 lb Northern caught on a Minnow Rap.


The wind continued to increase and trolling became very diificult, so we headed back to shore to bring the boat ashore.


We took some pix on shore;






Where were we fishing????????? We were fishing the Inner Hay Bay region. The area is not large enought to handle an influx of twenty or thirty boats, all with planer boards, so We'll leave it to you to figure out where we were and if it's worth your while to travel there.


After we landed we met the fellow angler who was fishing yesterday and he and his partner had landed four, 11.7, 9.8, 6.0 & 3.5 all on a very small Berkley lure...................


We'll be back with Laker John's Boat to try again.


Stay Tuned.

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Great fishing report david !!!!!. :clapping::w00t: ..looks like you guys did very well,considering the windy conditions,and the boat traffic as well,nice catches as well,and great pics too..it sure seems like thompsons,and the area just east has been producing some real decent fish,thanks for sharing,i am also hoping to get 1 more trip down there before the water turns hard...cheers :thumbsup_anim::Gonefishing:

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Another stellar report David. Downsizing can indeed be the answer sometimes. I caught 12lb eye there on ShadRap #5. Hope to see some more reports from ya before ice-up.

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