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  1. Well it has been a long time since I posted a fishing report for the simple fact I have not had anything worth posting lol. since moving here the fishing has been frustrating to say the least but that changed tonight. Since the river became ice free my friend and I have been hitting the river in search of a certain species that I have never caught before.We would hear people saying that they were running or gone or not come through yet never getting a good answer so we just kept trying and trying and trying.We would go out on freezing nights or rain or windy nights with nothing to show other than a bunch of mudpuppies(a first time catch for me lol). We must have went out at least 20-30 times and never caught the one fish I wanted and were about to give up thinking we must have missed them.My buddy said lets try one more time so off we went. Started around 7:30 in the evening and left around 11 and am really glad we went. right away we started getting fish as a bunch of these showed up. We must have caught 20 of these guys and had a great time.Now we had been told that when these guys show up my target fish is in with them so started getting my hopes up.Maybe this would be my night.Sure enough as it starts to get dark I get a massive hit that snaps my 6lb test in seconds.This was not a silver. 5 minutes later my friend gets a hit and lands a nice 3lb fish.No sooner does he have it out of the water do I get a hit,fish on! This is what was at the end of my line and I couldnt be happier. Finally! All the nights spent till midnight,the 2am wake ups and all the crappy weather I finally caught my first ever.I know it isnt the biggest by any means but it is a beautiful sight to me.So in under 4 hours of fishing we managed over 20 silvers,one gar pike,one pike and three of our target fish.Not a bad evening and so happy I tried one last time.Heading back tonight so hopefully the luck continues.Just for the record the river we are fishing has an open all year season for walleye and glad it does cause it feels like it took me a year to get one.
  2. actually from 100m downstream of the highway 2 bridge( the high level)in paris is an extended season till Dec 31 for trout as per the regs. Having fished that area for years yes you should be able to get trout at this time,hope that helps
  3. Every since moving to Wallaceburg from Paris, the fishing has been frustrating to say the least. I have a river right across the street from me but so far have only been catching small fish such as rock bass and bluegills. This is fine for the kids but not me lol. Lately though the fish are getting bigger so figured I would post my first report from here.This one put up a nice fight and ended up going to an older guy in my building who was going to smoke it. Was surprised when this hit about a foot from shore hitting a worm I was floating. My fiances two year old actually caught this one.It is his biggest fish so far and he did it himself. Finally I went out last night for an hour by myself and ended up catching three all about this size. I know they are not the biggest fish in the world but after catching nothing but tiny fish for the longest time I will gladly take them lol. Hopefully it means I am finally starting to figure the river out and will start getting into the big fish I know are there.
  4. So I moved to Wallaceburg a while ago and have all new waters to fish.The problem is the water here is way different than what I am used to fish back on the Grand,Whitemans,etc. I have managed my first musky(a baby at no more than 10 inches),a tiny pike,lots of bluegills,pumpkinseeds,rocks bass,A 12lb catfish and one carp.Also caught my first bowfin the other day but snapped my line bringing it up.The river problem here is clay and the water is always cloudy.River depth runs up to 18 feet.there is very little structure to be seen as it is rock walls that just drop right away.I have been trying on my own to figure this river out but am starting to get really frustrated by lack of size and quantity of fish.I have figured out that the most common colour for up here is white and everyone swears by it.I guess I am looking for any advice or tips to lead me in the right direction.I still have lots of water around here to explore and will be trying the St. Clair River again soon and still hoping to hit Lake St. Clair.Again any tips or suggestions would help and will keep trying.The main species in the river I can go after are pike,carp,bass,catfish and walleye
  5. Since moving up to Wallaceburg I have been wanting to try Lake St. Clair or the St Clair river but have not had a chance till today.My buddy who is moving to Cornwall on Saturday said he was gonna get me out before he left and today was the day. Very excited to finally hit the "blue water" and it did not disappoint.In about four hours we must have landed upwards of 80 Silver bass between us,just non-stop action from start to finish.Here is a pic of one I caught. Having never caught these before they were a lot of fun to catch.Just thought I would share my first outing and cant wait to try more of this river.It's going to be a great summer of fishing!
  6. I remember that day well.Seeing that pic makes me miss the Grand that much more but excited to fish new waters up here
  7. Thanks guys,good to be back on here again. Will for sure be hitting up the St Clair river and hopefully the lake as well.The little guy asks to go every day and seems to always outfish me lol. Hope to start posting soon.
  8. Thanks! Part of the fun is exploring and lots of water here for sure. I can't wait to explore as much as I can
  9. Thanks! Yeah he is only two but already can't get enough
  10. thanks! Missed coming on here
  11. have heard that but go figure,the year I move up here is the first year the river never froze lol
  12. Well, after a year of setbacks,moving and complete life changes everything is falling back into place and found my way back to here.I missed reading all the posts from everyone and learning from this site.I have moved from the small town of Paris to the equally small town of Wallaceburg,lol. I miss fishing the Grand river and Whitemans creek but have a new river to figure out literally right across the street which is handy. I am having a tough time figuring the river out so far but that is part of the fun right? I have been told there are a lot of different species in the river including carp,perch,bass,pike,walleye and even the occasional musky but so far have only managed to catch crappie,carp,pike and silver bass but will keep working at it,I have seen a bunch of gar swimming around as well.After 20 years of saying never again I have gotten engaged(yes she fishes) and have a new fishing partner who is very eager to go out He just wont touch the fish or worms yet lol.Am looking forward to getting out on Lake St. Clair sometime since it is really close to here. I look forward to reading everyone's reports and hope to post some of my own,just have to catch something good first lol.
  13. just felt it in Paris too
  14. you could be right Shaynebow.Here is a pic of one caught last year from the Grand in Paris before season closed for comparison.
  15. nice fish,congrats.As Marko said we do get them all the way to Paris but they cant get over the dam in town.For sure more common the closer you get to Lake Erie.Again,nice fish
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