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  1. Yeah what Ironmaker said, can't go wrong with Telegraph Narrows by the lighthouse. We usually trolled tail-dancers or minnow raps. Usually the first place I would go as it has always produced fish. Especially eaters. Good luck.
  2. That is extremely sad news to hear! Even though I did not personally know Joey, I did have to privilege to fish with her a couple times in at Lakair years back. She seemed like an awesome lady and just loved to fish! So sorry for the sad news. My condolences to you and her family.
  3. Thanks for the info Lape, much appreciated. I think I would cry if a pike bit me off with one of those on. Haha
  4. Already thinking of soft water fishing. I keep seeing video's of guys using the Megabasss Vision 110's and catching lots of fish with them. Given the price point of these lures I was looking at picking one or two Megabass Vision 110's. For experienced users of this jerkbait, what top 2 colours would you recommend for the Kawartha area? As well, noticed the Rick Clunn Luck E strike STX jerkbaits have a very similar profile. Any comparison between the two? Thanks
  5. Personally I have had best results with Suffix Performance Braid. Casts awesome.
  6. Does anyone know if the Frogg Toggs are available in-store for Canadian BPS's?
  7. The link appears to not exist Bill. The key is definitely to get under 1.5 while trolling in most conditions. I seen the kicker at bps, definitely looks different,
  8. My brother is looking at getting a kicker for his 2013 Legend, 20' with a 150 on it. He is torn between a pro kicker and a regular 9.9 motor. I would think a regular 9.9 would do, however, I am sure there is a reason why they make a motor that is strictly meant as a kicker. Any advice for one or the other? Thanks
  9. Thanks Duke for the info, we just need starting points with basic tips which you provided. Gonna have to pick up some jets. This is an all new type of fishing than I am used to, but looking forward to it. Thanks again Duke.
  10. My brother has a slip at Port Dover Marina. I really haven't fished Lake Erie much in my life so I have no idea where to start? I am not looking for hotspots, just general area's, even depth's to look for.....Naturally we are targetting Walleye or Perch, either will do. He has a 2013 20' boat with a 150 on it, so we can make the rounds. Any general help with depths or locations and certain techniques would be helpful. Thanks
  11. False alarm, lol. I guess I should of read the fine print. The box contains everything but the actuall display. haha. I was hoping they mistakenly put the wrong price on... The old saying holds true.
  12. I have the opportunity to purchase a Lowrance HDS 10, new in box, for $400. I believe it may be a Gen 1? Any experience with this unit and is it worth it?
  13. Exactly how I think. I have a Fin-nor Inshore spinning reel, fantastic drag on it.
  14. I went today and it wasn't bad, i enjoyed it actually. Not what it used to be but a good outing nonetheless.
  15. Yeah, I have caught several Chinooks and browns on them in the Fall. Also caught several Largies with them too.
  16. You have one resilient young lady there! I am absolutely amazed on everything she has been through! It's mind boggling! She is also very blessed to have amazing parents. Keep up the battle!
  17. That would be great Kevin! It's an excellent setup and will suit me perfectly when I pick up my Helix 5 this spring. Thanks.
  18. Looks like a rig someone would use for ocean fishing to catch bait. Cool rig and can see it working really well.
  19. I stumbled across a show on Youtube called Perch Pro. I found it pretty good and watched all 6 episodes almost back to back, haha. It's a 3 day competition between 3 teams. I can't believe the size of the perch they catch over there. A 19" perch, that's crazy to think. Check it out.
  20. Great video once again, that looked like fun, minus the lugging of the equipment. Btw, I really like that portable fish finder setup, is that a custom build? Or did it come that way? Would like to make the exact same setup as that. Any info would be appreciated. Your other video's on your channel are cool too.
  21. Yeah I'm gonna pick one up as well this spring. I checked them out and appears the best bang for the buck.
  22. That's very good to know! Cuz I have some painting to do inside the house. Thanks for the heads up, that is a crazy savings.
  23. I remember one time my dad a I were launching at Port Dalhousie. The boat just got in the water and my dad went to park the truck. I looked down the dock and noticed a small Musky chillin under the dock. I was gonna tie the boat down but noticed it was in an eddy like pool and seemed to stay in same spot. And of course I was right there. Well I took 2 cast and had the Musky moving and then I noticed the boat floating away! I had to think quick, do I jump in, I had a float suit on, or what?? Well I decided to cast my lure onto the deck, which was carpeted thank goodness. And I reeled her back in without my dad noticing a thing. I can't believe how many things ran through my mind during that short period of time. Hahaha.
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