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  1. Ice went out on my lake, McFarlane, today. Also saw Nepiwan and and it is ice free. Lake Wanapitei looked like honeycomb ice on Saturday. Nice to see the blue water again
  2. I am on a mid sized lake in Sudbury, ice is 100' offshore from the house, will be gone in the next few days. All lakes that I have seen have crappy honey comb ice
  3. This is exactly my problem. I have a Bird that will be used there and the power and transducer cables are locked into the base of the unit. Has anyone ever made a plate sitting on top of the release bracket or figured out a way to bolt the finder to the TM. Thanks
  4. So here is an interesting rigging question for all of you. I have a Powerdrive V2 mounted on a quick release bracket on the front of my boat. I am planning on mounting a bow mount sonar to work off of the trolling motor. Here is the question, with the trolling motor being removable, how do you deal with the transducer wire when removing the motor, or is there a bracket where the fishfinder can be mounted to the trolling motor with a power plug setup? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks Northernboy
  5. I have had that auger for about 5 years now. The thing is awesome, starts quickly and we use it most weekend in the winter and am still on the original blades. The thing goes through ice like a hot knife through butter, and we do not push it down, just let it eat its way through the ice. and we get upwards of 2.5-3ft on ice here
  6. Having the twin of that motor, yes the oil does tend to make a bit of a mess. Tiling it is what i have found works, about halfway up. And yes, it is the large bolt halfway down on the left side (standing behind the motor looking at it). Stop at the Merc dealer and get the socket for the oil filter, made by Merc. The filter is extremely difficult to get off if not using the socket. In your manual (if you had it) it would tell you to run 20w40 oil as the regular oil in the motor. If you need more info, or a scan of the pertinent parts of the manual, pm me and I will scan it for you when I am at home. Trevor
  7. Btw, the water temps up here beside Lakair are a cool 27.4C, and nothing biting
  8. The road was generally graded weekly, I was usually going about 80 kph on it. Just remember logging trucks are bigger than you and probably going faster
  9. I live in Sudbury and used to work in Wawa. I would take 144 to the Sultan Road, cut across the Sultan Rd to Chapleau and down 101. Would make it from Sudbury to Wawa in usually less than 4 hours dpending on the condition of the road between the Watershed and Sultan
  10. I have it's twin, and they are great boats, handle rougher water quite well!!
  11. Thanks to all who replied. I watched the Aaron Shirley episode and it was really good and informative. Hello Randy. I am a little further in than you as I am in the Musky Bay area. ChrisK, thanks, and see you on the water in the spring. Northernboy And too all in doubt, TILLER all the way
  12. Well, I have been a long time lurker here on the board, and have learned much from all of the members here. It has come time to introduce myself and ask a question. I live in Sudbury and have recently purchased a cottage on Lake Nippissing West Arm, and there are gar pike in the area. Just wondering any tips and tricks for catching them. Thanks in advance
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