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  1. Take a Look at Lunge Lodge Nippissing....just took my wife and family - Scott and Tiffany have done a good job fixing it up - great place and we had a great time.
  2. Pete delivers again looks like a great day......no trampoline photo what happened
  3. big bald lake is not as bad as earlier in the week, but similar to last year level. lets hope they don't just drop it like last year as it went to winter level again.
  4. Great Video Thanks for sharing
  5. I think fisherpete LOTW 2015 was awesome as it bought fish back to the site instead of loads of other topics.
  6. Personally I think there are multiple pattern and trolling is tough in the fall its always hit or miss. I like to fish Pigeon slowly and I make myself slow down with a shallow pounder or a very large tube - I don't think multiple tail baits work but that's personal opinion. I fish it like a suick strange I know but works very well. I think taits bay and into Noggies gives you a chance to explore all the deep to shallow. Just start a drift and keep casting. When you find one repeat. The bite window is also very small, sometimes we fish all day and get three in twenty minutes that's it right where we have fished all day. I see guys trolling all summer fall and later and I am just throwing rubber, its consistent and normally draws out a big fish eventually. I also like where docks were pulled up I will spend hours just going dock to dock where they are now pulled up. Let me know some other patterns people think
  7. Pete is a great guy and works hard at musky fishing, he gets so many great looking fish and giants!
  8. Yes milkweed is on land but this is where the adult moths for the worm will feed. More milkweed better survival and so on
  9. Fishing this week - if anyone has a map that is in PDF please PM me, don't want spots just a map. If anyone is fishing musky and wants to trade information on kawartha happy to have a discussion. Thanks
  10. I do no want to get into legality - simple answer is plant milkweed - it good for all sorts of butterflies and worms. You will find what kills wild rice is two items, one is that not cultivated well the debris from previous years will destroy future crops and yield the second is wild rice worm. Everyone who has cottages should plant milkweed wont solve the problem but can help contain.
  11. Given the slow start and not overly warm temperatures I would not ignore the deeper water - it is very likely that weed growth is behind, if your chasing musky and want a chance at a trophy I would take the approach of absolutely fishing weeds and positioning boat to just get to them - I would then do the same path and cast outward. I think the later could be the key - also look for the bait school and throw depth raider of same size maybe six or nine inch - trolling wont be random to induce a strike,good luck and post your trip efforts!
  12. Wont be the same Roaring Dan, who is going to net my first of the year, I have Keanu Reeves (AKA Mike) acting as the replacement. In terms of baits I will be throwing something that is Purple, likely a custom made Anvil bait which is awesome.
  13. Mike just got the boat back yes 3 blde 12P - I actually have the 11 as well
  14. menu - Chart options - turn on fishnchips - Pigeon should be detailed.
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