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  1. Brian go check out ideal hobby in Barrie. They carry this plastic tubing from a company called evergreen. http://www.evergreenscalemodels.com/Shapes.htm#Round%20Tubing If you change your mind and are looking to buy some great slip floats have a look at Coolwatersfloats.ca
  2. Nice looking jigs fellas! I like to add a few strands of crystal flash on the ones I tie. It gives it a nice touch.
  3. I've net quite a few fish for that guy! Good fisherman.
  4. It's defiantly not holding water that's for sure. Not the easiest fish for a novice steelheader.
  5. Ya wasaga is the wrong area stay away lol.
  6. Amazing report as always but I think you're missing a few photos. "Pretty girl, blonde, tanned, fit, curvy, fishing, say no more say no more" Lol Cheers
  7. North pigeon is home to many 50 plus fish. We boated 4 a few seasons ago. 2 in one weekend!
  8. Best part about the weekend was the fact that there was not another boat in sight. Well other than the odd water skier or jet ski.
  9. An idiot? A little harsh don't you think? No need for that comment IMO
  10. 2" pearl white grub is my go to bait. I find that my baits vary depending on the lake. Anyone else find that?
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