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  1. It might be a bit under powered, but I have a short shaft yamaha four stroke 4 hp (2014) I used it a few times when my big motor was giving me issues last year. This is one of the portable ones with the built in tank, and a hookup for a normal fuel tank
  2. Lure selection isn't too bad considering the sale has been going on for a few weeks, everything else is getting scarce, somehow I still managed to spend 300$ today
  3. I made a bunch of ingots from wheel weights, what I heard about car batteries is the amount of oxidized lead on the plates is much higher than other sources, and that would result in a large amount of slag that gets skimmed off. That plus the whole battery acid thing makes them a crappy source for lead.
  4. the one in the gold packaging right? ive been using that one in 6lb as leader material for salmon and steel and i am very impressed with it (very good abraision resistance and knot strength). only problem is finding it in the smaller spools as the big spools dont fit in pockets very well
  5. you would think there would be more to getting trailer plates, but literally you can go in, say you built a trailer, give the color, approximate weight, number of axels, and pay like 35$ for plates. no inspections from what i know, but it has to have working lights, fenders, etc, otherwise you could get pulled over.
  6. I unplug when launching. However I did use the merettes, I used die electric grease to fill the void and waterproof the connections. I figure if I have an issue, a greased merette is easier to take apart roadside than a solder and heat shrunk connection
  7. how about using a cupped stainless steel brush on a angle grinder for the glue residue? if there is any paint, it will get removed, but it should give you a good surface to repaint or glue new carpet too
  8. i have a cable bike lock with my spare tire, and mount. onluy thing im worried about is if it rusts and seizes when i will actually need it.
  9. Spar urethane is what a lot of guys seal floors and transom wood with. A few coats and it should last for years and Seeing how you already bought and cut the pt plywood, no point in wasting the materials. Well this and the steps irishfield posted regarding specific screws and foam to prevent galvanic corrosion
  10. Might get out this week, will shoot ya a text if I see any around
  11. What location was it? Looks pretty decent for the price
  12. Here's what I was able to throw together, I was inspired to finally get it together after meeting brian on lake joe with his sweet rig lol. It made the slush from the thaw today a breeze to pull through on simcoe, with no bogging at all. I still have a few mods that I want to do to fit my needs, also a paint job is in order, but I'm glad I finally finished it instead of having an old set of ski's rusting in my backyard
  13. The case on the rapala pack rod is really nice, compared to the ugly stick. I have both, prefer the feel on the rapala, but the ugly stick will get the job done just fine.
  14. Could you round the top edge of the tip down to the blade edge? Turn it into a santoku shape
  15. I heard a rumour that they were gonna start charging for the tiffins launch. It really is unfortunate, if the cost to park was reasonable, I would be ok with paying a little. But instead they are driving people away with the high cost
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