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  1. View Advert Islander Steelheader & 13’ (4 piece) Shimano Rod Gold Islander Steelheader center pin fishing reel w neoprene case and 13’ (4 piece) Shimano float rod. Original owner, both are mint mechanically and cosmetically. P/U in East Gwillimbury but may be able to meet in Barrie area, Mon-Fri. Price is firm, lowball offers will be ignored, not interested in trades. Advertiser dheitzner Date 07/04/2019 Price 375.00 CAD Category Fishing Classifieds  
  2. Could be that the (typically felt) drag washer is just too compressed and needs to be replaced. I did this to a bunch of my reels (replaced w carbon drag washers) and can't believe how smooth they are now, especially the ones that had felt washers before.
  3. It's quite expensive, but the BPS 100MPH is tough to beat. I have had one for 4 years and every time it rains, I'm reminded that (for me) it was money well spent. Dry as a bone no matter how intense the downpour, even ripping at 50-60mph. Like anything, it's all about being able to justify the expense to yourself so cheaper options are out there, but something with a Goretex (or similar breathable membrane) is really where it's at for keeping the rain out while still allowing any moisture from your body to escape. For what it's worth, I also love wearing the bibs on cooler summer or fall mornings: they're 100% windproof as well?
  4. You could try Erik Luzak of Bass Class: he's a good guy and a knowledgeable teacher...also has a couple good guys that he works with if double booked. www.bassclass.ca
  5. If the fish are purchased from a fish farm, I'm sure it'd be perfectly legal; no different than stocking a pond. Lots of places around that cultivate bass (or other species) for stocking ponds etc.: Http://www.facebook.com/Zephyr-Fish-Farm-191855486176157 http://www.ontarioaquaculture.net/fish-stocking/kinmount.php Feeder fish from any pet store will get it done for eats...
  6. I've had success in clear water using a jerk bait to call them in and tossing a dropshot or senko to followers. Unbelievably effective 1-2 punch for bronze backs.
  7. I bought an 18" battery jumper cable from a battery shop: no issues. I'd imagine you could buy a short length of 6Awg and the end pieces (to hook onto the battery) for a few bucks if you wanted to do it yourself.
  8. I gotta 2nd continuing on to Agawa Bay; tons of trails and fishing in LSPP, good visitors centre too. Beautiful country up there, just love it.
  9. I went on a fly in around 10 years ago and the folks that stayed in the cabin before us actually left some bug nets that cover your bed (hung from the ceiling or top bunk). Definitely high on my list of stuff to bring for the next one, they were really handy.
  10. You beat me to it Fang; gotta check out Ron Post's work, he makes some beautiful, high quality knives. Gotta say, your stuff looks really impressive too Art...love the look of the 3rd one from the top.
  11. Trev, you should call the visitors facility at the park, the one by Agawa Campground. Pretty sure it's open all year, and the staff is usually pretty helpful in my experience. Definitely jealous, you going up with Tom, or Julie?
  12. I don't know, but definitely thought the same thing when the changes came out... Darcy
  13. Welcome aboard, and although I've never fished Mill Lake, good luck. There is some great fishing up that way.
  14. Thanks man, definitely some bruisers in this thread!!! Caught quite a few nice bags in Sept over the years... I'd say overall it's likely my favorite month to fish.
  15. Those are some good'ns to be sure!!!
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