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  1. well i don't know if it's been said in this thread before or not because i haven't read all the posts , but i had a new one sprung on me the other day down on the warf where i went to get a fish to bring home , a lady told how she liked to cook her fish and thought i should give it a try , here's what she said , try taken your fish and roll it in Parmesan and a bit of flour and pan fry it in butter , thats it thats all you do , so i did and Mr Man was that some good , i have to have my pan fried fish no other way from now on , its a simple as that , Happy eating fella's .....
  2. Retired 2017 to Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia , we have a place here for any of my Ontario fishing friends if they find them selfs on a holiday over this way , and yes boys I noses where da fishs is .


  3. We have no fishing shows over here where I am , we're to busy fishing and eating our fish , stop in some time there Lew.... lol
  4. Dosen't any body fish here any more .....lol
  5. To sum up my fishing experiance's since my last log in on OFC , dog tracks in my fish soup realy have me tic'd off .

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      not sure if I can show you on here Brian ....lol

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      hey skip - good to see ya stopping by. hope all is well

    4. Skipper D

      Skipper D

      Things are the Best , hope they're the same for every one else here .

  6. The owner of this boat says the boat was picked up by Skyway Transport and not Skyline Transport and doesn't want to make the mistake of blaming a legit company . Skyline Transport is working with him to try and locate Skyway Transport as they have also been getting many calls about Skyway . This info just came to me tonight , Thanks to every one for reading .
  7. This boat which was bought and paid for in Bancroft two weeks ago, was picked up by a transport company out of Toronto and was to be delivered to its new owner in BC . Now the boat is no where to be found or the so called Skyline Transport Company , how ever the word has it as being seen on a truck in the Picton area yesterday morning . If any one see's it out there any where , can you please call 911 , Thank you .. Ron
  8. Yes Lew to bad it happens , in a few pm's I had first hand with a cousin over there , a railing broke that let traps , bouys , ropes go over board taking two grew members with it , both were tangled up in the ropes once they hit the water and struggled to get free , one was able to cut him self free with a knife he had in his pocket but was unable to do any thing for his buddy as it was all ready to late for him . Today they were back at shore looking for new equipment so they could get back out and back to fishing .
  9. Yes , they say opening day it the most dangerous day of the season , many boats have new Rockies on board , so theirs all ways some that end up going over board and need to be rescued , if they can find them . These three this morning were lucky , they were 80 km's out when they went over
  10. yes Dave , the fishermen and the towns people who came out to see them off this morning started at 4 am , Opening of their Lobster fishing season .
  11. when the word Go comes across the radio , the work lights come on and their off ...
  12. this one has a seven foot tall decorated Christmas mounted up top ...
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