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  1. Key was not given to anyone. No one drives my truck. Insurance said they should be able to start the settlement march 9th. so hopefully this can all get wrapped up in a positive light. Driving this sentra as a rental sucks.
  2. Chipped. Thats what I asked the cop and the insurance. They said they can do it.
  3. So far insurance has been fine. Got a rental right away. They are merging the deductable for house and car insurance so i only pay the higher of the two and will apply tge dedictable on either of the two for whatever works better for me. So no complaints so far. Now just need to deal with adjuster on values. Will update how tgat goes if you guys want to know. Insurance is through thinkinsure (broker) and wawanesa.
  4. I would like it back. Im gonna get screwed on it because its financed so I will go from free and clear in two years to starting all over again. Grr
  5. Hey guys, been a long time since I was last online here but I thought I would try and spread the word. Thursday night my truck in brampton was stolen from my driveway between 7:30pm and 9pm. Its a 2013 Dodge Ram 1500. V6, 4x4 quad cab. Has a Matching grey Cap (like a leer with tinted windows). Truck has a black verticle stripe on the tail gate. The rear chrome bumper has 4 holes for backup sensors but no sensors installed. Also the front bumper has 4 holes for fog lights and tow hooks but neither are installed. I believe the truck is still in the brampton area as the thieves used a Home Depot Card that was in the truck at Home depot in brampton. Police have been notified but have done nothing, Not even gone to the store to get the footage of the people who used it 4 times(Thankfully home depot called and said some unusual activity was made). They said they have footage but will only release it to the cops, Great.... well if they would go to the store, Anyway, also in the car was a handheld Garmin GPS, Cordless drill, some costa sunglasses (GRRRRR) and a number of other things. If you know anyone that works at Peel region and could maybe ask them to do some work that would be awesome because I know with all crimes time is of the essence and the fact they there have footage of the people is amazing. If they take the cap off there is an FLW, Costa and Zippo Outdoors field staff sticker on the rear cab glass, on the cap there is a Summit Sticker on the right hand lower side of the tailgate glass. In the pictures are the old bumper that I smushed ice fishing a few weeks ago. The current rear and front bumpers are both chrome.
  6. You know Steve, That view point is probably the first time I have hear anyone outright say something useful. If you want it and support it for recreationally use than go ahead and say so. Makes no difference to me if people get high. Having dealt with situations where people in my life needed it for medical use I find it very offensive when people put up an argument saying it should be legalized recreationally because its good for you or is needed for medical use or helps my third cousins brothers wife with her cancer. It already is and has been for a long time available and legal for medical use. Really who cares if someone smokes a joint after work or whatever. Just don't wrap the two arguments in one because recreational pot use has nothing to do with the medical benefits for pain killing and easing someone going through physical trauma. It just doesn't jive to me when someone that has no medical need for it use medical use as a reason for them to be allowed to smoke pot. If I had to guess what the legislation would be I would think along these lines. 1) Further ease up the access to grow for people with medical need. Perhaps a growing license of sorts. 2) Allow the sale of prepared pot treats (Brownies and such) for recreational use to be sold at XYZ retails/licensed places. Perhaps something similar to LCBO licensing. 3) Decriminalize the use of pot for recreation use 4) Stiffer fines for supplying Minors I don't think that they will legalize the sale of marijuana in its raw form because as they have said a number of times they want to control and be able to tell people THC levels and that is very hard to do and would be cost prohibitive as individual leaves let alone plant to plant or crop to crop can vary greatly in THC levels. This is one of the battles and issues they had in the US when legalizing. I mean I would liken it to going to buy alcohol without having percentages on the bottles. Its going to be controlled to some degree and likely they will take along brush strokes and try and span this out over several campaigns. With the economy going to sh1t under this gov they know it will be a dog fight to get in next time, stretching out a plan to legalize over the course of several terms is something that sounds like what they would do. I doubt very much they will just black and white say pots legal its a free for all.
  7. Its going to be very interesting to see what the legislation comes down to. Will they only legalize the sale of edibles produced by licensed companies? Will the take the reins completely off? Will pot be sold in smokeable form? Will people be allowed to grow there own? How are they intending on dealing with pot in schools? What about prior criminal records? What about people currently in jail? What about people previously fined? I mean there are a lot details to be worked out. Not to mention the UN treaties that were signed in good faith by canada to be a drug free country.
  8. I agree.. and just to be clear your link is relating to PURE THC. That is not at all what is being legalized or being sold at the LCBO. Cannabis smoke contains thousands of organic and inorganic chemicals, including many of the same carcinogens as tobacco smoke.[34] A 2012 special report by the British Lung Foundation concluded that cannabis smoking was linked to many adverse effects, including bronchitis and lung cancer.[35] They identified cannabis smoke as a carcinogen and also said awareness of the danger was low compared with the high awareness of the dangers of smoking tobacco particularly among younger users. They said there was an increased risk from each cannabis cigarette due to drawing in large puffs of smoke and holding them.[35] Marijuana smoke has been listed on the California Proposition 65 warning list as a carcinogen since 2009, but leaves and pure THC are not.[36]
  9. Saw a huge one all the way to the ground looked like about a km or tow in front of my driving home last night from Peterborough.
  10. Be VERY careful with any pressure treated wood anywhere near an aluminum boat. not sure if yours is fiberglass or aluminum.
  11. To those that have no real medical use for it yes in fact it does not serve any medical use at all. Only serves to get you high. Its the magical guise that pot heads use as an excuse. Oh it cures the MS/Chronic back pain/Cancer etc... that I don't have. Honestly to those that need it for legitimate reasons its a bit of a disgrace to hear potheads use that as an excuse for smoking it and casts a bad light on those that do need it. Sure if you have a use for it all the power to you and it's unfortunate that your affliction is there and you need it but yes it should be and currently IS available to you if you go through the right channels. If you actually read some of my posts I am all for medical use. Not to mention I have said a number of times I don't really care one way or another if someone uses it recreationally. However just like any other mind altering substance that is legalized(well alcohol being the only other one) there should be some controls on it to ensure the publics safety from those that abuse and are stupid about it. The people that want a buzz and eat a pot brownie while being responsible, who cares. Those that make a nuisance of themselves are the ones that will be determining how heavy restrictions are that are put in place for others. For example the smell of someone's backyard crop invading there neighbors is an issue. There is a licensed grow house in markham by the food bank where my kids volunteer. Some days the smell is brutal strong. To the point where volunteers go home. Yes, yes, I know, I know, some people like the smell of pot, good for them. But for many many others it is a nuisance. So some sort of legislation to prevent some people from annoying others isn't a bad thing. Just like I'm sure you wouldn't want your neighbor playing Britney Spears all night long and I'm sure you would complain about that. Smell violations might be one of those things included perhaps by limiting ones crop size, where or how it may or may not be grown. Who knows. It will be interesting to see what this group comes up with as far as legislation.
  12. That is entirely true. But playing the Devils advocate it cause more if more people are growing without any restrictions. All I'm saying is to consider both sides. If say one was legally allowed to grow as much as you wanted who it a restriction of plants or kgs with respect to personal consumption then why would people not grow ever purple, lemon, jellybean whatever strain for variety reasons alone. All I'm saying is there are fires currently be it illegal grow ops or not. The reason is because growing one or two Plants isn't a big deal but growing dozens yah that does present a risk. And as others have said maybe people just grow outside. Maybe if everyone grows outside it causes people to break into your yard and steal them. I really don't know but pot has an intrinsic value greater than tomatoes. Where there is value there is temptation. Just playing devils advocate. Not at all accusing anyone of anything.
  13. As I said not all people do stupid things. The laws put in place should be to protect the stupid from themselves and the innocent from the stupid. Let me ask you this. How many illegal grow ups would be legal grow ups and how many of those fires would have still occurred? Obviously that question can't be answered. To just assume 0 though is as shortsighted as saying they will all be the same.
  14. Gbay, For real dude. Don't get all twisted up. Nobody was comparing anything to anything. All I said was there are lots of fires caused by people growing pot. Its not fiction. Its fact. How many is lots? More than a couple per month in BC. Happens all the time out there. How many due to cig smoking? Likely more but no one was comparing that. However if you are comparing and I was not cigarettes for example in the us have anti burn chemicals added to them to help mitigate that effect. Would you support that for pot since you are comparing them? As I said people need to be protected from themselves at times and innocent people needs to be protected from the stupid. Like banning Lawn Darts or forcing people to wear seat belts. etc... etc... I am not against, nor am I for legalization or allowing or disallowing people to grow there own. Personally I don't care. if they do allow it would be prudent to come up with sensible legislation on indoor grow ops. What is sensible legislation? I dunno. Perhaps a max of 1000 watts of lighting allowed, perhaps restricting the number of plants, perhaps don't allow it to grow indoors at all and setup public grow houses like they already have for public gardens and charge people a few or something like. that where the location can be secured from kids, crooks and where its all wired up properly. I really don't know. All I said is sensible legislation is not entirely a bad thing. I feel the same way about gun control, and fishing laws, drunk driving, smoking etc... and I do all of those and I am all for sensible legislation. As for cigarettes if you want to keep that comparison you are only allowed to grow 15 kgs of tobacco per calendar year for your own consumption. Why not something similar for pot? Is that too infringing to say ok if you smoke an ounce a month you can only grow X number of plants per year. I mean I dunno what people would deam how much is enough for one persons personal consumption but really that's something people should lobby about.
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