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  1. I flew over Simcoe today, lots of open cracks and holes everywhere.
  2. Is it legal to use a hard sided hut after the hut removal date, if the hut is not left unattended? I read the regs, but there are not a lot of details. Thanks
  3. The car gps has never frozen or given any problems other than an occasional bad connection where the wires plug in. The sd card comes from OFSC, ontario federation of snowmobile clubs. I believe you can just download the data for the maps, but a friend buys a new updated version every year and gives me his old one. He is using a montana, the cadillac of offroad gps, but the unit and mounts were very expensive, and then you need to worry about losing it or have it stolen.
  4. I have been using a used garmin car gps with the snowmobile map sd card installed for about 5 yrs. The gps plugs into a 12v outlet on the sled. I would never ride without a gps again.
  5. It does not say anywhere that the tire is in poor condition! If there are no cracks and there is tread left with no visible defects, add slime. It works great, I usually only add about half of how much it recommends on the bottle. I have had a nail hole in a riding lawnmower that the slime was coming out, then I didn't need to add air for 2 years. It comes on sale a couple of times a year at crappy tire.
  6. I purchased a couple of units from ebay that are similar to tiny tack and the yamaha unit. They were under $15. from china and worked great with free shipping.
  7. I am averageing 11.5 in the last 6 months in my 2014 5.3 Silverado. I drive very conseratively @ just over the speed limit and have only towed a few times. The milage drops to 15.5 l per 100 while towing a 17' bassboat. Lately with the sub zero temps it is difficult to stay below 12l The only milage surprise I have found is that accelerating very slowly in city driving actually uses more fuel. It is best to accelerate about the same rate as average car drivers do, then let off as you approach the speed limit. This way the tranny shifts to high gear sooner and I get better milage than when I feather the throttle right from a start.
  8. I have seen a cover that port Perry auto glass made and it was very nice. However... I have also seen 2 wood/fibreglass repairs done by them. They were poorly done bandaid repairs that came with ridiculously expensive bills. They also scratched the windshield in my car while repairing a chip. Good luck either way!
  9. Use a q-tip with toothpaste to polish the needle seat. If it still leaks you will need to order a new needle and seat.
  10. I am happy with the CO's, it is the police marine unit that is intent on laying fines and harassing people. They seem disappointed if they cannot issue a ticket, and let you off with a warning even though you have done nothing wrong. They do a thorough search for alcohol and read the labels of all life jackets. In a local newspaper interview the cop said their intent is to educate and save lives, toward the end of the article he stated that they issue tickets to about 60% of the boats they stop. Don't get me wrong, I respect the cops and appreciate their work. I understand that they have a tough job and need to protect themselves, but they need to adjust their tactics to the situation at hand. Hopefully my experiences are only from a couple of bad apples.
  11. I towed a 17' with a 115 fourstroke a couple of times with my 4 cyl 4wheel drive Terrain. I live on the lake so don't tow often. No problem, you won't be passing anyone, but it was fine. The suspension and brakes are the same in the v6 version and it is rated for 3500lbs It is excellent on fuel back and forth to work, 8 L per 100k. In the past I had a v6, it used a lot more fuel than the 4cyl when not loaded.
  12. They look like denali rims. It may have come from QC if it has snows, but does it matter? Looks great. My truck came with all season tires and I always wanted big wide tires, now I have them, and although it looks good, corners and handles better, it definately rides rougher and is lousy in the snow.
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