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  1. Looking for two 13 inch taper lock boat seat posts. See pic for details. Thanks
  2. Thanks for the info. Hopefully, more CDN coverage will come. Very impressed with the shading.
  3. Thanks for the info! I m really impressed with the relief shading. I just purchased two new Helix’ and they came with a Navionics + card. I also have Navionics on my phone. Would I be able to get this feature or is it only available with Navionics Platinum? Thanks
  4. Thanks. I d be interested in any tackle swap shows in and around GTA. London as well.
  5. Thanks, guys. What's the location for the Fort Erie one?
  6. I attended a tackle swap last year and really enjoyed it. I would like to attend more this winter/spring. If you know any upcoming tackle swaps, please post! Thanks
  7. There are maintenance tutorials on YouTube which explain the best. For replacement parts order through Mike's Reel Repair. Great service and Canadian.
  8. I have a Nucanoe Frontier 12. Incredibly stable with lots of open space around my feet. Very customizable. Gets the transport wheels. The Nucanoe Pursuit is quicker and longer. Worth looking at. Not meant for long portages.
  9. The CDN Tire Wetskins suits are great for the money. I ve also had mine for quite a few years. They go on sale every couple months.
  10. L'amble is the most beautiful lake in the area. There are smallmouth off drop offs and some lake trout. Not a great fishing lake from my experience, but Bancroft is a great bass area. Search the old logging roads.
  11. What depth of water were you getting them in?
  12. Really enjoyed the swap. Are there any more in Southern Ontario coming up?
  13. I kayak the Grand River a lot with my Nucanoe Frontier 12. It is very stable for standing and there's more room by my feet than other kayaks which I like. It is not meant for portaging. The wheel attachment on the back is a must. If I were buying an individual kayak I would look into the Nucanoe Pursuit 14. Faster, but still very stable. Lots of room for mods.
  14. I ordered a bunch of stuff directly from Nucanoe. They shipped quickly but i got nailed on duty charges. I heard of the store Outdoors Orientated. They have the fasteners on their website. Never been there. Let me know how it works out if you go. http://outdoorsoriented.com/collections/kayak-fishing-accessories/products/yakattack-track-hardware-1
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