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  1. Ok thanks Dave. I think I might have it. Here is a screen shot. This will update my current card? And, I get the advantage of Navi and Garmin products? Instead of updating my 2GB card online they will send me a new one? Thanks for answering these questions.
  2. My card expired May 2018. I'd be in for $200 bucks total US or CAD not sure. Plus shipping (duty?) Too steep for what additional info I'll get? The depth info for some lakes I like to fish is crap/dangerous and these are some large popular lakes.
  3. CP Angling. No where sells it in my neck of the woods. Maybe Gagnon's has it but still rarely get down there.
  4. Gink is pretty legendary. Still works ... and stains everything. http://www.ginkandgasoline.com/
  5. Not much pressure on fish. Somtimes the fish are small residents. Yes floating line. Very nice to use. Easy to mend/manage and quick to strike. I might try P-line Hydro. My eyes could use the help anyway but I'm not a fan of adding another section of clear mono for the split shot. The fact that no one else seems to have this issue might mean I got a bad spool of line or it was damaged (deet).
  6. I have bought two spools of Bloodrun in the past. The first spool was great but the second spool not so. The line digs in to the reel every time I catch a fish. So afterwards I need to pull a bunch of line off and then reel it back in. #10 test. Is this typical? Any other brands a might try? Prefer low vis line. Thanks in advance for your input.
  7. I've seen the same thing on other lakes. 20-30 foot difference. Makes you wonder what we are paying for and is it more dangerous thinking you know when you don't wrt to shoals and rock. Maybe community edits will one day change this.
  8. Awesome exploration. Must be nice to catch and learn about all those different fish. I could just feed cuda all day.
  9. Looks like more rain on the way for me. 30mm so far on my gauge. Planning to see Sloan at the Hootenanny On Hunter but it looks like rain and t-storms.
  10. Without being specific, some Canadians are in their situation by course of their actions (or inaction). It's about people: Canadian or not. Most of these "non-Canadians", many of them children, left their country because of war. It's odd to read some of the comments with that story and how people want government to take care of people, perhaps the same people that don't understand or despise taxes. How much socialism do you want and how much are you prepared to pay. Now here's to hoping Simcoe produces 7 inches for the lakers.
  11. This is a bookmark of mine http://www.kijiji.ca/b-ontario/skidoo-expedition/k0l9004 Some great deals on 2016 models.
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