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    My limited fishing time has been for musky the last while, so looking to unload some soft plastic bass baits. There are 40 packages offered for $100. Most have not been opened, but a few have been. Most are salted, some coffee, garlic etc. Included: X-Zone Swammers, Shake-E-Shad, Gulp Goby, KVD, Strike King, Trigger-X, Damiki, Tru-Tungsten, Set The Hook, Vicious, Strike King, Mr. Twister As a bonus, if all 40 packages are purchased, I will include the large ziplock bag of 50 (4") salted tubes pictured. Would like to keep as a complete lot, however would consider smaller 10 package lots if needed. I'm in Burlington. Thanks for looking, Craig Bonus for complete lot:
  2. Great read & fantastic pics Mike. If only my kid was as into fishing as he is 'technology', i'd have an excuse to get out more (or at all lately!) Another great looking bucket list trip Mike.
  3. Thank guys. Failed to mention it was caught casting some heavy rubber. Hit like a tank and was the toughest thing I've ever had to try and lift out of the water! (Other than my own butt when taking a swim ) Mike, I'm alive and kicking still. Look forward to chance to do a 'joint' fishing report again some time! Cheers guys.
  4. It was a good one! It's been a pretty wacked year and half, so much going on with work and at home. Don't think I've posted since 2013. Hadn't even had a chance to wet a line for over a year, until I took one last chance to get out with my good buddy Cowanjo, and we hit up the U.S. side just before end of season in December. Well it sure was the right day and time to pick to try and catch at least one Musky for the year. 50 1/2" x 25 1/2"! Woohoo! My one and only fish happened to be the biggest fish of my life. That's what I call a PB! It was chilly out, -2 deg C at boat launch, but warmed up to balmy +1 when she hit. While i'd loved to have boated as many fish as Cowanjo or Fisherpete (great pics!), I'm pretty happy with my 1 day, 1 fish for the year! Thanks for looking. Hope to have more to share in the year to come. See you at Musky Sunday!
  5. Don't discount dragging a crank bait behind you if you're cruising slowly along weed edges near shore. If you've at least got a bait in the water, while you're checking places out, keep an eye out for weed lines as well and something may just dart out and nail it.
  6. Who's the skinny guy in the in the 2nd picture holding the monster 'ski? Way to go John. The texts didn't do the trip justice! Good looking fish!
  7. Glad to hear it was a successful outing! The company probably wasn't too bad either. Having spent a day in the boat with Jim last month 'without' the camera, I can imagine the friendly banter when the camera wasn't rolling. Great facebook pic! Won't be soon enough by the time I get back up there. How's our prop?
  8. And the pictures do tell a great story! Looks like a great time. No fingers dunked in warm water for Bill?
  9. 56 days since my newest fishing partner was born!
  10. Oh my goodness Simon. So sorry to hear about Sean. Thoughts and prayers with you and your family!
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