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  1. If you don't thunk there is a viable Brown fishery in Niagara perhaps you should get off the computer and come down and enjoy 20+ fish days with the rest of us. I catch Browns off the pier in July when the lake flips, the Browns are here all summer but only a few fish them, everybody wants the Kings. The Browns generally are in around 70'-100' of water away from schooling kings, they don't hit meat rigs, spin doctors, magnum spoons the fish are there. John is right the fish don't migrate around the lake like Salmon, they don't move to the blue zone like Steelhead and the reason NYS has so many is because they stock the crap out of those tribs. The MNR is following the US practice of Stocking lots of Browns in certain areas to create a viable fishery.
  2. To understand why the hook is dropped 1"-2" below the bead you first have to understand how trout feed on single eggs. When a trout is feeding on eggs it sucks the egg in instantly into it's throat much like a vacum, this is how it takes a bead. By dropping the hook below the bead the hook will be in fact in the mouth part of the fish and not in it's throat, thus making it easier to hook a fish in the mouth.A trout can also almost instantly spit the bead out and with the hook dropped it is still in it's mouth and increases the chances of hook-ups. This is the reason hooks are fish dropped below the bead when fished.
  3. Hey bud, I framed houses for 5yrs and built well over 200 houses and never once used plywood for sheeting on exterior walls. In fact you have to go back 40yrs to find plywood sheeting,good exterior paint should seal it fine, it'a an ice hut not a castle, if in 5 yrs it needs alittle TLC then give it revamp.If you listen to all these internet carpenters you'll be rebuilding the thing 100x over and it'll cost thousands of dollars. Remeber it's an ice hut not a permanent residence.
  4. for bottom bouncing the smaller tribs I've had good success using drop shot weights, I also run 17lb-20lb droper line so I'm not constantly pullin off my weight. I run 10lb powerpro, 8lb-6lb fluor leaders.I fish mostly the Niagara and Port Dalhousie which are stronger flows so I run 1oz to 1 1/2oz weight on these rivers.The drop shot weights normally used for bass fishing work great for bottom bouncing smaller flows I get them 1/4oz, 1/2oz & 3/8oz, I also run a minimum 6' leader and ussually 8' or more when I'm bottom bouncing.
  5. a tip for line twist, carry a small square of leather chamois in your pocket, run the last 10' of line through the leather and it will instantly get rid of the twist.
  6. hey my freind, this message may get to you.......there are lots of walleye off maitland,you need to change your trolling style, if your marking fish it's time to s bend, stall your boards, walleye fishing is not like salmon, you need to fish them, lots of turns, flutter the baits. Just going out and pulling lure's may get you 1 or 2 eye's but the dudes getting #'s are fishing them, like I say s bends, throwing the motor in neutral, fluttering a harness off the rigger. the best advice I can give you is think walleye, troll at 1.9- 2.2 and steer alot. If your marking fish s- bend them work the school. Unlike other fish walleye need some enticing to hit .
  7. If you want a fun Salmon expierence glow spoons off the pier is for me the most exciting king fishing there is and the time is right now.Nothing like a fresh king trying to pull you off the peir at 3am, thats excitment.I like it better then trolling, you feel the hit and the initial run and it's always a crazy battle
  8. I agree I'v eat'en laker from hell, but I have also had laker prepared ok from the great lakes.but like Dan has said if you had Lakers from there natural enviroment forgetabout it.....it is what is
  9. Easiest way to cook a greasy laker is to drop the ugly freak back in the lake hahaha
  10. I gotta couple of tubes from yesturday that look just like that, the Bass have been chewing good the last couple of days.
  11. I have 2 of those old Stradics, after getting new anti reverse fixed twice in each reel, I retired both of those old clunkers. It dosn't suprise me all the spare parts are used up, the best and only decent thing about that junk is the wood handle.I still have them and yes, the anti reverse is shot in both reels
  12. I bought a Sahara for $60 this spring to use for perching, it's a sweet reel and got me thinking aswell to why I'm paying $180 for a Stradic.The Sahara is a very smooth reel and the drag seems to be just as smooth as the Stradic, time will tell if holds up aswell but the lower end Sahara seems more then adequate for fishing with.
  13. At least they fixed the problem,unfortunatly we don't live in a perfect world,recalls on products happen all the time and I relize it can be very frustrating but they got your unit back to you in 3days.I would be delighted with that kind of service,it seems to me Hummingbird has very good customer service but you can't please everyone. I'm sure the problem has been adressed at the factory, unfortunatly some of units probably got into the market place.
  14. I look at it this way the 1-2 lbers taste great, the 3+lbers not so much, so for me the 1-2 are my eaters if I want a meal.In most populations there are alot of 1-2 lb fish but as you get to the 3+ and into the trophy sizes the numbers reduce drasticly.To each his own , but next time out keep a few 1 lbers for the dinner table and you will soon be letting the bigger ones go.
  15. This is true, don't run deep divers behind dipsy's, jets or any other diving device it totally screws up the diving action.I recently was introduced to Torpedo weights, there really nice to use to acheive depth and don't have hardly any resitance compared to deep divers, I would love to try them on northern Lake trout lakes.
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