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  1. I guess you can call it beginner's luck. I wish some days I had that luck. Nice fish.
  2. Seems that the board is really not to impressed with the HT. I had/have an opportunity to purchase one and just from the opinions so far it really has me second guessing. The one thing I would love to know,( if anyone knows) I really cant find a subzero hut. Everyone I talk to say that CT sells them. Also is the material fabric on the HT the same as the subzero? Really would like to hear from anyone who knows the differences.
  3. Really sad development. I fished that river for so many years growing up in Mississauga. Wonderful memories that I still share today with my kids today. I really hope the situation improves sooner rather than later.
  4. Only seen this once in my life and as beautiful as it is to see the pictures it really should be experienced live to really be appreciated.
  5. And as good as $1.97 is, I was in South Carolina couple weeks back and price a gallon was $1.88. Cost me to fill up my minivan from almost empty $35.00. Absolutely insane. Typically even at $1.00 a litre it costs me $80.
  6. That's gotta make everyone feel good, especially the young lad.
  7. Yeah I have to agree with all the previous posts, don't need them.
  8. Glad to see that even in tough times your chin is still up. Sorry I don't have any info on what your really after. Best of luck and I wish you nothing but success.
  9. Fantastic markings and colours on those fish.
  10. We were fishing on a sunny day and found the bright colours worked pretty good. The retrieve wasn't too fast and focused in the 10-15FOW along weed edges.
  11. I'll have to go and have a look. Thanks for the info.
  12. I too fished Balsam with the advice of a board member. First of all his info was very accurate and with that we had a lot of good fish too. I will say no walleyes but the smallies loved those crank baits.
  13. If you want a rough idea what it weighs, go to Legend boat sit and try matching up to theirs. It will be in ball park.
  14. I saw the ad, I guess on facebook. It does 200mph for about five hours. Love to see one in action.
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