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  1. We were not taught what Remembrance Day meant way back in the 60's. Actually never explained trough all levels of education the meaning of it. I see it is different today. My 4 year old grand niece that is in her 2nd year of pre Kindergarten, another discussion for another day, explained to me in her baby talk the basic premiss of this special day. I was dumbfounded, 4 years old. That's a good thing. If you are blessed to have youngsters around you take the time to sit them down and talk about what the sacrifices our young men and women make, still to this day, to protect our way of life as well as our freedoms we all enjoy and often take for granted. I didn't ask any of my relatives that were soldiers in WW1, WW2 and Korea about what they went through, we were told never to ask them. My paternal Grand Father fought in WW1 for the British and took shrapnell to the scull, who better to ask. Take the time to pass it on.
  2. Didn't meet any movie stars that lost everything but know more than a few business men that lost millions. Some more than once. Usually they didn't pay thier taxes so they could keep the lights on. One bar owner I know owed the Feds almost a million bucks in federal income tax. He didn't pay his income and remit other taxes for many years and guess what he eventually paid? Zip, ziltch, nada niema nienti, nothin'. Business was in Mom's name and he earned 30K a year as manager. His poor Mother didn't have a clue what he and his accountant was doing for years. Wealthy people don't get wealthy by playing by the rules most of us working stiffs do. But they can look in the mirror every AM with zero guilt, I couldn't if I did that to someone let alone my own Mother.
  3. I have a better method to ensure I don't waste the $$$ seeing a bad movie. I wait until it comes out for free. And yes there is no such thing as free. Oh, and if has Nickolous Cage in it save your $$. I do absolutly love his performance as Ronny the Baker with the one and only Cher as Loretta the emotionally and physically frustrated 40 something widow in "Moonstruck." If anyone here has not seen it you must find it and hopefully enjoy it. Many agree with me as Cher won an Oscar for her portrayal.
  4. Enough pickles to last us 20 years. 4 jars per year X 20 years, if we like them.
  5. I never ask a skinny guy how the food was and I never ask someone I don't know from Adam how the movie was?
  6. I don't know when it was the last time I wet a line. Today was a 9/10 for any Fall day let alone November, my least favorite month of the year. 23C here on the deck at 13:00. To make it a 10 out of 10 November day Brians fish would be on the end of my line.
  7. Yep, and if I don't I will never get a chance to be an old fella. Thx for the good advice. JD out
  8. We are in the market for a new gas stove. The Bosch stove we bought 10 years ago at Loews is pooched. The self clean feature is constantly flashing door lock and the oven will not work, burners are fine. I see most NG stoves have air fry feature. I nearly had a heart attach when I see the price of Bosch ovens!!! We paid 1000's less for ovens starting at 3 grand now.
  9. Any recommendations for an air frier? The above sure looks good Spiel. If the viddles tastes as good as they look that is a great start. I spent the last 4 days in hospital on I.V. My Type 2 Diabetes is challenging me. Another close call. I have slacked off being diligent about what I'm putting on our plates and in my shot glass, that's 3 blue and white lights on incidents in the past year, not good at all.
  10. Most actors must take anything they can get. Many produce their own films just to earn money with all the Netflix etc. low cost productions. One example is Alec Baldwin producing and staring in "Rust". Studio films are rare these days. They all need the cash to keep up all those mansions they bought. Yaght and airplanes too 30 years ago. I've met a few that lost everthing because they thought the gravy train would never stop running. Nicolous Cage will act in a high school play if he gets paid.
  11. Yea, a real tuff guy. Assaulting a little girl. A bully. What he did is an assault punishable by prison time, and not a few months it can be more than a few years. He's the kind of man that will cry like an infant baby saying he's "sorry" be fore a Judge sentencing him. Yea he sorry for getting busted and that's all. Unlike how I might have reacted if I was there a few years ago today I wouild act differently as long as I saw the young worker was no longer in danger. I would have followed him to his vehicle and took a pic of his plate, at a minimum he and or his car. If the authorities wanted to find this guy they would but doubt they would. I'm sure they checked security cameras in the area, one can't relieve themselves behind the bushes, anywhere, they is bound to have a security camera taking his pic. I have to stop typing now before I get myself in trouble. If every food service employee could I.D. this scum I would think he will never order food again in his lifetime. Punishment should not exceed the crime. Spit by a dozen or so waiters/waitresses/cooks/cashiers/owners/managers of a restaurant should never spit in a customers food. That's a lot of spit ypu scum, enjoy. Some tough guy this piece of____ is.
  12. How many teeth can you buy for the price of your toys? Listen to me I sound like my father 40 some odd years ago. I know it's fun now but like many seniors they are kicking themselves today thinking about what they could have done with that "toy" money 40 years ago. My buds were buying toys and I was buying boring houses. I retired at 45 and some of them are still working today paying for toys they scraped years ago. Have fun but be smart G.
  13. My wife and I attended another one of our God Daughters weddings yesterday, they both looked like they stepped off a wedding cake, handsome and beautiful. My brothers youngest, maybe the last in my lifetime. My wife and I aren't the only ones that gained weight in the last 2 years, 22 months since I saw one brother and S-I-L as well as many, many others. I asked him if he slept with his dogs the night before. I had to explain it to whom ever was within earshot. His hair is almost completly white now . It was a strange day. My wife pointed out we were all cramed into a small chappel, as we emerg from C-19 protocol there will be strange days ahead. I could not believe the number of morbidly obese kids under 40 that attended, most under 30. Not good. Of course there was bacon everywhere.
  14. I've been MIA, the rescue mission was short lived and when it turned into a body retreival nobody showed up. Seriously though I've been trying hard to reduce the 25 pounds I gained eating like a swine did to me during this pandemic that we are all trying to deal with as I swear every recipe on this thread has bacon in it. All those Docs on CNN and others say even over the next 10 years our hospitals will still be overloaded with all the patients that gained poundage, a meteoric increase in stroke and heart decease associated with eating bacon. I saw bacon flavoured ice cream at our County Fair this past Saturday. I had the bacon Funnel Cake, mmmmmm. I have pretty well every pair of lounge wear pants they make. Johnny D/Selkirk On.
  15. My 50/50 USA born Italian Ma, Zia's and 100% Italian Nona's took the time to make 1/2 diameter mini meatballs, maybe 100 for a family sized Lasagna we took on any given summer Sunday picnic to Long Beach on Lake Erie or one of the mini lakes on highway 6 north. 2 massive Lasagnas for dinner, around 5 PM, lunch was as soon as we landed all the Pontiac and Chevy wagons. BBQ'd sausages and peppers on crusty panini, hot dogs and burgers for the little ones. Dad had a 59' Chevy wagon that held more people than some airplanes. 3 adults and 1 infant in the front seat, 3 adults and 1 infant in the ,idlle seat, 3 children and 1 small Grandmother in the traffic facing 3rd row. That be 12 humans in 1 big arse car. The prosetion was more than 3 people movers. Did I say 2 massive Lasagna? How about 3 or 4. I hoped 4 because I loved cold Lasagna for breakfast before school. I still love it. Here is a recipe for disaster, put any 2 or more women in a kitchen and ask them which recipe is best. My former wife had the audacity to ask that question of 4 of the ladies. Lucky I was within ear shot and changed the question to which of these 2 TV chefs is best? Still not good but not the start of a vendeta! I know you guys must miss me.
  16. Like Fisherman said no more than anually, but maybe less than you think depending on your return on investment depending on what you did with it. I made 21% a week on mine, errrrrr I mean 2%, yea 2% anually not weekly.
  17. My dear departed Uncle used to put the stickers on the side of the fridge so he didn't lose it. If a Cop stopped him he told them it must have fallen off. Prove it couldn't.
  18. I wrote that this past Feb. I walked 3 K's Monday pain free. I bought a new pair of sneakers that morning, Sketchers, when I tried them on they felt so good I wore them out of the store. My legs were killing me went we went into the store, I did 3 lengths of Eastgate Mall in Hamilton after that with what I consider zero pain. Then in the early evening walked 2 K's. This is the 1st time I paid more than a 100 beans for a pair of shoes. I'm told by others that price is on the low end for new kicks. I had to return there this AM and looked in Foot Locker at running shoes, there was 1 pair for more than 150 bucks, wow. I have to tell you guys almost as old as I and has leg pain for any reason you get what you pay for. I am giving these 4 months then will reasess the need for a new pair. Johnny D/Selkirk On, home of the new flashing 4 way stop. I have no idea where this post is supposed to go. I might not think clearly but I got a new pair of shoes. I think?
  19. Did I say 5 to 8 lbs. Certainly closer to 5 than 8. To be exact cut your fish in 2 and count the rings.
  20. I had to back to read what I said. My comment wasn't directed towads you it's something I have said since the interweb came out.
  21. Just remember there is a 30% CDN federal tax on sales of property in Canada owned by foriegners. A freind of mine from Western NY got a rude awakening when he sold the family Lake Erie cottage a few years back. The family has owned it since just after WW2, more American owners than Canadians there, it's just across the Buffalo, Ft. Erie border. Heck it's called The Buffalo Yaght Club. I'm sure a good accountant may have a few loop holes up his or her sleeve.
  22. Prices are getting rediculous by the day here. We turned down $530,000 for our cottage on Lake Erie last summer. I was told we were crazy not to take it. A similar cottage 3 doors down from ours same size, similar features, on the waterfront was listed at $1,000,049 last month!!! I don't know what they got 4 days latter but it sold fast. Another place across the road from the beach previously owned by a freind is listed at $1,490,000. It's a 1200 square foot3 bedroom 1 bath Viceroy with several small rooms. Wowza, I hope they get it. Ours is going on the market ASAP.
  23. See a lawyer. I wouldn't take advise for a medical or legal issue on a fishing forum. Good luck. Common sense doesn't seem to matter in our legal system. That's an opnion not legal advise. Opinions are like butts, everyone has one.
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