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  1. A business trip starting April 15th will have me at Pidgeon Lake Alberta for as long as I wish to be there once the business is complete. A tad more than an hour north of Red Deer and the same time south of Edmonton. Anyone here fished the area? Any info is greatly appreciated. I will be fishing solo when I we have finished our business because the associate I am going to be with would rather spend the off day in the West Edmonton Mall than fish pristine waters in the shadow of the Rockies. OK bud, you can tell me all about the Gap store on the flight back. Actually I usually switch pre booked seats because I usually have had it with business associates I have never met before by the time the business portion of a trip is over. No need to listen to stories about the food court and their grand childrens first steps or suffer through the 1252 family photos all the way from Edmonton to Toronto Pearson. Or God forbid get teamed up with a millenial. Sometimes it is a chore for me to be pleasant, I try, I really do.
  2. Thanks for the tip John. I didn't know that. It is wnderful he gives me a jug and I feel bad because it goes bad. I know he doesn't get enough sap here to make a jug.
  3. A liter lasts us over a year. The last jug I got from a local farmer that taps our trees went moldy. I do like it though just am careful about how much I use, my wife doles it out like truffels.
  4. I do that to confuse some of our freinds down south. My DP in laws that settled in Fla. from Hammertown 29 years ago will ask in February "What's the temperature out brother?" I'll reply "Oh, around 73C, you will need to look it up. Sis"
  5. We have a freind from North Carolina. The Brunswick stew she made had squirel in it, racoon too so she said. Good more for me. What makes your Brunswick stew Brunswick stew? It is 40F here this AM on the north shore of Lake Erie. going to be 8C later, that's somewhere around 73F, that's what I tell my displased person in laws that moved to Rat's Mouth Fla. 29 years ago.
  6. Excellent my dear man, just excellent. Thinking outside the "box" for sure. My box cost me 100 bucks. The word "Musky" and "cheap" does not go together. Rizzo, if indeed you are that cheap you must close your eyes everytime you toss one of those Musky lures that feel like bricks and cost big bucks.
  7. I have not read all the posts. I'm sure all the questions and answers are similar to the many, many posts addressing all types of batteries discussed here many times. "But ya don't know what ya don't know til ya know." Sounds like something Yogi Berra would say but it is I that says that. What I take away from all the great info we have learned here which a great deal was researched for us by Akrisoner, thanks bud, is that 80% or more batteries are all manufactured by the same company., that was 10 years ago. They may all come from China now for all I know. Even Interstate that has a high profile in the aoutomotive and marine markets DO NOT manufacture batteries. They buy batteries and stick their logo on them market them, put them on a shelve and sell them. Buy the best specs and best warranty for you. I don't leave the dock without a fully charged battery booster pac. I have never used it but I have boosted many batteries in other boats. I don't know what battery I have but it's the battery my guy recommended. This will be the 3rd year for it. I have never had to charge it when I put it back in. Can't tell you what brand, I will check tomorrow and report back. Good to me so far.
  8. I pre cooked an entire pound of Penne as recommended by me Diabetic Doc. Won't taste as good though. Anyhoo that's a lot of pasta sitting in the fridge. Apperantly cooked pastas with a drizzle of veggie oil and stirred so not to stick then stored in the fridge has a lower glycemic response time than pasta from the pot to dish. Low glycemic response time is better for diabetics than high response times. There is a lot of science when it comes to cooking and diabetes. If a diabetic must eat pasta, me, long pasta is better than short pasta i.e. spagetti better than rigatonni. There is more cut surface area in a short pasta than a long pasta. The area of the cut portion leachates more bad carbs into the dish. I am just going to try and freeze some then I can answer my own question and get off me arse and do it. Can anyone tell me how to get spell check on for our site? Probably right in my face.
  9. Can you freeze short pastas like Penne, Rigatonni for example, no sauce?
  10. What I would pay would depend on what's on the shelf and as Big Cliff said what you plan on doing with it, use it, sell it or watch it gather dust, simple as that. Are they Rappalla's or Chinese knock offs? Etc. etc. Regarless no morfe than 15% of retail price. I would pick through it 1st then sell the balance. DO NOT open the packages.
  11. Believe me Dave that's not fake news, I wish it were.
  12. You are both right gentlemen. The times they be a changin'. There are not news reports any longer. I strongly believe more and more in the Bildiburg group. The secret sociaty that runs the free world. M2B2, Manitoubass here on Ontario Fishing Community, please pass me your tinfoil hat. Sad news out of Hamilton for my our family. There is a report out of Hamiltons east end that 2 bodies were found this morning in a single family home on Woodbridge Rd. 1 block from where we grew up. One of the deceased was my youngest brothers closest freind age 60, and the other is unknown to us. We grew up together, the deceased is my late Fathers Godson. He has battled drug addiction for years. He leaves behind 3 sons, 2 of which are twins. Drug addiction effects so many beyond the addict. His Father was known as the "Chief" I'm glad he didn't have to live trough this. We spent hours talking politics while I helped he and my Dad make prochiutto.
  13. Have your vehcle shipped across the border, hire a helicopter or small airplane. Fly across the border, do your quarenteen for as long as it takes, they are talking about lowereing it. I have no idea who they is? Then return in the same manner. I bet you can pay an American to drive the car across for a few $$$$$. If there is a need there are opportunities to make money. If there are opportunities to generate income there are no folks that will turn opportunity into income like us Americans (dual citizenship.) Good luck, be safe and enjoy.
  14. NO POLITICAL COMMENTS PLEASE If someone passes on current news or tells me a fact I find myself asking where they got that story or fact from. In days gone by I would never doubt the veracity of the news or fact I had no doubt it to be true or at least close to the truth depending on with whom I was speaking to. Today, not so much. People must not have much to do in recent years other than to build fake websites and come up with fake news. Just the other day the son of a good pal called me to go online and Google %$^@ assasination attemp. I won't say who because that's how rumours start. I went to CNN because this is thier type of news and there was zippo, nada about this event. But online low and behold is a fake website for a major US media company that sure looked real to me, very, very real. A few years back before the US election a ferind of mine that is a very gullible guy asked me why Clintons were not in jail because they head up a pedofile ring that molests young children in a Pizzaria in New York, might have ben Ohio. This man isn't stupid, however is gulible and believes anything that someone bothers to print. I grew up at the same time, "If it's in the paper it must be true." I found out that wasn't true the 1st time my name hit our paper and even my own Father told me I must be guilty because it's in the paper. Do you find yurself fact checking in these modern times? I sure do and find myself doubting print media often. Sad times where I'm concerned, just sad.
  15. Thanks Fisherman. As far as large Walleye tasting, well better than a Carp (yes I have eaten Carp) but we have to know that a 10 year old Lake Erie or Bay of Quinte Pic is a few years old not 5 or older if what I have read and told is true.
  16. That's a 2 litre bottle. We actually prefer to cook a 5lb Pic vs. a 8 to 10 pounder.
  17. Thanks for all the suggestions, greatly appreciated. I crawled under the truck yesterday as I had a can of liquid wrench, I put down a pile of old towels and got down onto my 1 knee. Pain shot up to my brain and then back down through the "illia tibia facia tendon". Once my heart rate dropped below 120 I pulled myself up on both feet and finally rose from my lazy boy 3 hours latter. Dan you lost me at "disconnect". The truck is going in next week for a second opinion to a pals that had a few shops and is retired. I don't like bugging him because it's like the many "freinds" that bug errr ask me to develop them a profit loss projection and a new business plan. A few Lake Erie Walleye trips earn me a second opinion.
  18. I love when people think outside the box. It inspires me to do the same.
  19. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 1/2 ton 4x4 pickup, my wife bought for me brand new. The 4 wheel drive shifter is on the floor not a selector on the dash. Last month when we got some snow and that snow turned to ice my wheel was spinning in 2 wheel (1 wheel actually) I went to put her into 4 high and the shifter wouldn't move at all. I know better to give it a whack with a hammer. I took it into my guy that is ran by 2 brothers in thier late 30's, young puppies, and I have never had an issue with them. Mr. Mechanic said the linkage is siezed, almost welded together and it is going to be big bucks to free it. He did not give me a price and told me to trade the truck in. Any suggestions other than to dump the truck. I was surprised at his suggestion. I'm always telling people like my wife to use her paddle shifter once in a while, use it or lose it. I hardly drove last summer for a number of reasons I never had her in 4 wheel drive, my bad but to sieze up 100%??? Brother #2 said the bottom of the truck is covered in rust. I would expect that as did not get Z Bart, do they still do that? I crawled under the truck with a welding hammer and the frame is solid as a rock, I digress, again. Dan are you out there? Come in Dan, over. I have learned that if a whack with a hammer don't fix somethin you got yerself an electrical problem.
  20. Yep, might need to add a few layers of plywood to the transom. If they build it they will come as they say. Beats maintaining multiple power plants I would guess. Hey look at me inserting stuff!!!!!
  21. When doing pre job meetings with subs at the plant I asked the carpenters to hold up both hands. Eventually someone would ask me why. I said if you are a carpenter and have all your fingers you are either slow or new at it. I think many know guys with fingers missing because they wanted to work on electric lawnmowers that were pluged in. Everyone knows to tell an 8 year old to unplug a lawnmower and "do not plug it in till I tell ya'. " And those instructions from a guy responsible for the health and safety of a up to 100 workers and operating a 100 million $$$ facilty at $1000.00 a minute downtime.
  22. Not many movies produced as of late due to the pandemic, I can't name a single one from 2020. Cable TV series yes but not movies one actually left the house and watched a movie in a theater eating 20 buck tubs of popcorn. Just thinking if there is anything for the voting members for the Academy Awards to vote for in 2020 ? We have been digging through the maybe 100's of DVD's and even VHS tapes to go back and watch some of our favorites from the good old days.* We watched Forest Gump Monday evening and last night watched Moonstruck. Both Oscar winners, how can you go wrong with these 2 gems? * I always said the "good old days" are the days we are living today, no longer true.
  23. Before my second 2 for 1 special, colonoscopy/endoscopy I asked my Doc if he could do me a favour. Could be posibbly do the endoscopy 1st then the colonoscopy 2nd because the last time I woke up I had a terrible bitter taste in my mouth. They had a laugh. Johnny D
  24. I don't know who these kids are but I bet they make it in the entainment biz in the future, they are perdy good. Song is 2 minutes too long though.
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