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    Sometimes i just can't get over how we are railroaded by these telecommunications giants! We live in an area where our only realistic option for Television and internet is Bell! I have been subscribing to Expressvu for 13 years since moving here and pay almost $128 per month for a bunch of crap that I never watch.....just so that i could get a package that contains WFN (World Fishing Network). This month, they decide to abandon WFN for something they call the "Sportsman" channel. Unfortunately they dropped a whole lot of the fishing shows I watched, and substituted with a bunch of hunting shows! Nothing against hunting, but it is not my thing! They don't even have WFN available at any price!! I could of course download the shows on YouTube, but unfortunately, they limit us to 40GB of internet data for $60.00 per month! That is the maximum I can get (20 GB for $50 + $10 more for the second 20GB) Third world countries are getting better service for less money than we get in rural Ontario!! It is not like I live in some remote bush area, but right on a major highway! I am so sick of taking this abuse by these companies. Our Bell Bill for home phone, TV, Internet, and one cell phone is over $340.00 per month! My wife has a cell phone that is on another bell plan. Sigh.........I need an advil!
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    Went back to one of my favourite splake lakes yesterday. Always nice to take a break from simcoe and do some relaxing fishing with no one else but buddies around! Been a fantastic season so far catching some good numbers of some really quality fish! First few pics were yesterday and rest are from January this year! Just love how much fun the kids have had on some of these day trips!
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    Hey guys, I just pulled the trigger on a new 2019 Can Am Max XT 850, looking to use it mainly for work around the house, plowing the driveway, but we also plan to use it on the various trails around us and offroad/onroad (legal here) in your experience is there anything i should be carrying with me on the bike? (Other then the obvious paperwork required for the authorities of course) Thanks in advance for any advice G
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    I carry one of these just in case. https://www.canadiantire.ca/en/pdp/motomaster-eliminator-750a-lithium-ion-booster-pack-and-power-bank-0111906p.html#srp
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    Been pretty frosty up here with wind chills in the -50's for the last week. Made it back alive!!! Pic from the trip. 😎
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    I carry a compass and a mini air compressor. We travel some pretty rough, rocky trails into the hunt camp and it's not unusual to knock a tire off a rim from time to time so if you have the compressor, you can usually get rolling again.
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    A spare drive belt & spark plugs.
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    Was zero fight really. Didn’t think it was a big fish at all. It it was a stocked fish from 2004! Is what we figured!
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    Maybe a ram holder for your GPS.
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    Winch when to try to go places you shouldn't, hand warmers for winter, a basic tool kit although most come with it. I like my fairing, keeps the wind chill off, has a quick release set up. If you're going ice fishing, get yourself a piece of pipe or angle iron about 12 inches long, heavy duty eye bolt in the middle so you can drop it down the hole in the ice to winch yourself out. An extra 50' of good braided nylon rope or recovery strap. If you're going to use it for plowing, I would highly recommend an electric ram. We used our ATV's/plows at work and went through a number of winches, solenoids, cable and hooks. Winches are made for straight pulls, not over the roller fairleads in and out all day. The electric rams have upper and lower auto stops, so no worry about "stretching" things. Installation is less than 2 beer. Here is what I mean: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WARN-84600-ProVantage-Electric-Plow-Lift-for-ATV-plow-systems/152889348949?epid=209872661&hash=item2398ea5355:g:6AIAAOSwvoxb6P9w
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    Thanks for the info ch312! I did look at Explornet back about 10 years ago, but the installation of a tower seemed insane. Another place out of Mount Forest area wanted to install a 100 foot tower at the north end of our property for who knows how much? They went out of business while I was thinking about it! lol I will take a look at the site you quoted. Thanks again!
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