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How is the fishing in Maclean Lake (Port Severn)?

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Looking at a cottage on Maclean Lake and wondering if the fishing is any good. I grew up on the Gloucester Poole and know what to expect there but never went into maclean lake. Everything I do find fo rinfo doesn't look to good. Wife likes the cottage and it checks a lot of the boxes but if there is no fish then we got a problem.


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I agree nothing comes close to Gloucester and yes it’s a short boat ride (by the way how big of boat can you get under the bridge?).  So that’s my argument to the wife that fishing for the kids and risk of algae bloom is better /less expensive in Gloucester but she likes the Maclean place better (fashion of function with these ladies lol). So will kids still have decent fun in Maclean off the dock vs what they have in go home bay?

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How big of a boat are we talking about?  There's no fishing boat out there that couldn't get under the bridge and zigzag around the tree stumps.  

I've done well for largies and crappie in Maclean but I rarely ever fish it as GPool is right there.  

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