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Trail cam pics, disappointed.

Barry Willis

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Three months untouched, over 2500 pics of what I call weekend warriors on their quads and dirt bikes in an area that is posted, NO ATV'S OR OHV'S. Aside from a few whitetail pics, a skunk and people being stupid in front of my camera It did capture a couple of the most beautiful wild horses I've seen there.



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Thanks very much for you response Fellas, Howdy Glen,  yes and they are healthy, they have thousand of acres of grazing land. Howdy Cast-Away,  it's pretty special to me when I get the chance to see them. I actually reside in Calgary Alberta, born and raised in Oxenden, three miles out of Wiarton.  I spend most my time on horse back or Argo in the foothills and Rocky Mountains west and north west of here. I have a couple more pics of the wild horses I'll try and find. I was pretty tuckered out after my trip yesterday to check the camera, still am. Not as young as I used to was Haha. And lastly and very far from least, Howdy Lew. No I sure didn't get what I wanted on camera Lew but I wasn't expecting much as I was on foot when I put it out there and didn't get it back as far as I would have liked. Talk soon. Ha, I guess I must be coming out of my coma here a bit, just realized one of my horses could pass for a relative of one I got on the trail cam, and could very well be as they were wild horses at one time. Thank you's. So long for now.




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Barry, bummer on the pics but nice horses! I’ll be hunting very close to Oxenden on Monday morning and have rifle hunted that area since the mid 90’s.  Here’s a little chasing from this morning to cheer you up!  They are getting fired up!DF32E344-907F-437A-82E5-C60D421DF86A.png.75118a833f2af7d5b868d2c9b270ea47.png





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Howdy UbaldoHudson, it's a trail cam, the black and white photo was taken after dark, the other pic, the horse is obviously a distance away in low light conditions. Here's some more taken with the same camera. There's not a thing wrong with the quality of the pics this trail cam takes. A lot of variables come into play that I have no control over.








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