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Need some smart advice


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Good evening all 

I know there is some very smart and crafty people on this site so a solution I’m sure is on here

we have a big road sign at the apiary and we really like the design and layout it’s non negotiable to the question.

The letters and the sign are cut and etched with a laser from 1/2 marine plywood I like this medium. First year made the the backing from tongue  and groove hemlock we lost some letters due to the hemlock flexing and letters being in the line of fire. The disc went to hell. That year I used a spray clear coat uv stabilized all that good stuff

this season stay with the hemlock and tried spar varnish new disc and letters 2 coats disc and letters.

For the 2023 season will be going with 3/4 marine for the backing and half inch for disc and letters the disc is 24” 

the question i need answered is what exterior stabilized clear can I use to solve the issue . Keep in mind highly coastal environment lots of fog lots of damp.

the pictures will do the talking

end of season and beginning 




cheers peter

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If you seal the letters and disc before you hang them you will be able to get a better seal. A marine grade varnish will be the best sealant you can find. This should say UV stabilizer on it to keep sun damage to a minimum. You also should consider making the letters larger and cut them from plywood to keep them from breaking along the grain of the wood. If you have the funds using teak or Acacia  wood. Final thought is making it from trex or hockey board synthetics will last longer. 


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First I’ll apologize this went in the fishing place and not the other place

Both of you had very valid post which caused me to do some serious investigating

what I could out is that I will go with a hardwood top with a very tight cell structure. I will be prepping the poo out of the surface sanding and sealing and finishing. Spar varnish still stands above most multiple coats and sandings. Thank you both I will update on the results over the winter.

I knew the answer was here!!!





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