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Remember that peacock crossing the road report?????????????

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Well this morning I found out whom owns them. LOL

What a fluke this is.

I found a great deal on OEM Dodge rims and rubber . I have been looking for a while now. Try to find a nice set of clean 17".  Amazing what some people want $ wise out there. It,s their stuff,so I do not blame them.

Anyhoo, I found a nice set in Bolton. Drove down and I was ,yup,this guy has the ones I want. Clean,no flaking on the rims and the nuts to go with them. So give him the $500, STEAL. 1 rim alone,is that. Then he has weather tech mats for $20.Ok,I will take them too. It,s good Friday after all. LOL

So now I need to get the switch over. I was going to go to KAL Tire,but I seen a guy post on FB doing change overs local. Puts up pics of his shop and prices. I say what the hell, support the little guy. So appointment made for this morning 9am. Show up,he rolls up the door and it,s game  on.

Well it was not game on, it was Bull . Kal Tire put on the last tires I bought. He couldn't get the rims off the hubs. He had to put a bit of heat to them and they finally broke loose. Add to that,they cross thread 3 studs. He cleaned everything up,lube and on went the new wheels. So after all was done,he opens up the over head door and there it was, the peacock. Not sure why I did not take a pic. I said to him, you know how many times these guys have stopped me dead or almost hit? I said , whom owns these things?  MY WIFE. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Added note,this guy races stock cars. When I said my pop and brothers and brother in law race and raced,he asked their names. Turns out,my brother in law builds his motors. Small world eh.


Great young fella and service was awesome.


The new look,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  I like




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Even with those wheels I put a bit of anti seize where the hubs and wheels come together to prevent them seizing, definitely on the steel ones.    You have a torque wrench? make sure you check at least 2-3 times that the wheel nuts are still tight,  for some reason on the steel rims the nuts never loosen,  on those ones I have had to retorque them.  almost lost one a few years ago.

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