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Another big shout out online order


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Always looking for a supplier and always want in Ontario or at most,Canada.

I came across this site and it is located in Vancouver. They had free shipping over $100. It doesnt take long for a $100 to add up. So why not,give them a look over and their pricing is very fair and lower then some others. TOGENS FLY SHOP.

Back from a few hours on the ice and I got mail today. I am locked and loaded for a while now. Also,my hook order came in from LureMaking. Giddy up go.

Time to get a tying .



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Been a long time customer, I still miss hand picking things in a fly shop though. There's always that perfect package of fur or feathers. Calf tail is the worst for range of quality

One lad at SAIL looked at me funny the other day when I asked for the entire hook to be pulled down for dark brown bucktail, found 1 real good one and a bunch of low grades

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$100 free shipping is hard to beat, but it is nice to be able to browse the the packages to find what works best for your needs. Here's a couple I also like.

flymart.ca -> $350 free shipping, has some good sales, really good selection of materials

canadiantubeflies.net -> $50 free shipping, less selection but they have some products that are hard to find elsewhere

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