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  1. I think the term you're looking for is 'butterface'.
  2. Tom S

    illegally introduced walleye

    I call Bull. Who ever heard of a walleye fighting for a half hour?
  3. Tom S

    What to do with a butler?! NF

    Take him fishing.
  4. Tom S


    Terrible thing to hear. Hope they find him soon. Saw two choppers come screaming into Hamilton from over the lake last night, and back out again probably 15 minutes later. Figure it was a fuel stop. One all lit up, one without any visible lights. I wonder if they were part of the search effort to the west end of the lake.
  5. Tom S

    Wipers in the Great Lakes

    This got me thinking - imagine that in the 60's instead of stocking pacific salmon to control the alewife, they had stocked stripers? Was this ever looked at? Imagine - huge, aggressive fish; surf casting; smashing schools of baitfish. I don't believe they can successfully breed in freshwater, so it would hopefully be a controllable fishery as well.
  6. Tom S

    Father and son trash fishing

    Well, my trash issue took care of itself. New owners for the property, they aren’t putting up with any Bull and are blocking acesss to everyone. Can’t say I blame them.
  7. Tom S

    Father and son trash fishing

    LoL. Not many high schoolers around at 6AM.
  8. Tom S

    Father and son trash fishing

    Unfortunately I don't think the people dumping really feel much in the way of guilt. I fish a local pond, bit of a local water hole type place where high-schoolers go in the evening to get away from parents. It's depressing what people will leave behind when they know they won't be caught or prosecuted - bottle/cans, wrappers, furniture, canoes & boats, towels & clothing, diapers, etc. I almost feel like its a self-perpetuating problem though, as cleaning it up just teaches the scum that someone else will take care of it for them.
  9. Tom S

    DNR orders

    I would also encourage anyone with relatives nearing death to talk about palliative care and the possibility of going to a hospice. There are some very special people working in those fields who can make these difficult situations much easier.
  10. Tom S

    Toronto Cormorants with Newcastle?

    Good. Thin out some of those cormorant colonies. Hopefully it doesn't affect to many other species.
  11. Any thoughts on whether the smallmouth-goby relationship will follow the same track as the salmon-alewife relationship? The gobies have exploded by aggressively filling a particular niche in the Great Lakes ecology, to the point where they have become a primary food source. Are we now seeing the smallmouth population growing to meet the supply of gobies, and will there be a point where the smallmouth begin to overpopulate to the point where the goby population can't sustain them and we see a decrease in the smallmouth population?
  12. Tom S

    Having a blast on the new toon

    I had a line on one for a good price on Kijiji, but couldn't get out there before someone else beat me to it. Saw that Cumberland on Kijiji as well, but don't end up out in KW to much. If I do I'll definitely look into picking that one up. Funny you say that about using a kayak paddle. I was at Arrowhead this past week and saw a couple of ladies hop in float tubes and try to head down the river using kayak paddles. Probably about the most awkward way I've ever seen a watercraft propelled. Thought about walking over to them and making an offer on the tubes.
  13. Tom S

    Having a blast on the new toon

    Looking good. I've started to look for a float tube thanks to your videos, have some smaller bodies of water in mind that would be fun to access that way.
  14. Tom S

    Salmon in the river...

    Someone's probably adding 'foam earplugs' and 'big-ass treble hooks' to their shopping list after viewing it.