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Beginner wanting to tackle Lake Ont during warm spell

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Just started fishing Lake Ontario mid summer and while still a beginner was hoping to hit Bronte area this weekend. 

Don’t mind getting SKUNKED (Im good at it), but is there still fishing action right now? I usually troll between 100-175 fow with the down-rigger and maybe a dipsey.

Any help appreciated, thx.


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20 minutes ago, dave524 said:

I'd be trolling the south shore with planer boards and Balsa minnow baits in less than 30 feet of water for Browns

What I was going to say as well. Brass williams wobblers worked for me out in front of the humber back in the day.

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Bill's got it. Planner boards in close for Bows by Bronte or 16 Mile. Surprisingly I did best with Chinooks in close at Bronte this year with plastic Shad Rap RS lures. Better than my usual Japanese lures and I was also using light line. This time of year bows like small baits in my experience. Light line as well, like 6lb maybe 8lb. if you are using expensive lures. The water will be cold so it will also be very clear and bows have really good eyesight. Browns even more so.

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