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I'm sure a few of you have seen the info on these things, guys using them for ice fishing, etc.  problem is, they don't fit into any particular category for licencing and insuring.  So before plunking down the cash,  read below, I sent a query to MTO about a month ago and finally got an answer today.

Thank you for your e-mail regarding the use of Snow Dogs in Ontario.

Based on our current assessment, we have determined that the Snow Dog does not meet the classification requirements of an off-road vehicle (ORV) or motorized snow vehicle (MSV) under the Highway Traffic Act (HTA), Off-Road Vehicle Act (ORVA) or Motorized Snow Vehicle Act (MSVA) regulations.

ORVs and MSVs riders must meet registration requirements, and must obtain either a plate or permit to operate their vehicle on Ontario roads or lands (i.e., provincial highways, trails). Vehicles that do not meet the ministry’s requirements may only be used on private property (i.e. property must be owned by the vehicle operator or the vehicle owner must obtain permission from the property owner prior to operating their vehicle on the property owner’s property).

The Snowdog may also be operated on crown land, unless the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forests (MNRF) specifically prohibits public access to certain specific lands. Operators of the Snowdog must consult the MNRF to determine whether there are any restrictions in place which could prohibit operation of the vehicle on the land which the owner intends to operate the machine.

Thanks and please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

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Thanks for posting this response from Mto (fisherman) I recently got a snowdog and put a liability insurance policy on it. I'm only using the machine for pulling my ice gear out onto the lake and then back to my truck. I'm planning on keeping the mto reply  with my insurance, bill of sale. Would there be any chance you could send a copy of the full reply with the mto email signature? If not could you tell me who I should email at mto? Thanks again for posting.  Rob

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Kinda had to scratch my head, wondered where that came from, old post.  Anyway,  I've changed computers about 4 months ago and that email is long gone.  I sent it in as a general inquiry on their contact form you can find in the link.  https://www.ontario.ca/page/ministry-transportation

I sent them a general query and added a link for them to the snow dog, I suppose any of them will do.  https://www.powerhouse.cc/snowdog-product

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