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I'd like to introduce you to Bluegill Rodworks, my rod building venture.

My favorite rods to build are fiberglass fly rods, wrapped with a very simple style. 







I also enjoy restoration work, some of those classic rods still have lots of life left in them and clean up pretty good.





I'm willing to tackle pretty much any build, from fly to spinning to casting rods, so give me a shout if you have a project in mind. Fair warning though, if you're looking for something specialized (such as centerpin or spey) I might redirect you to someone with more experience in those areas. 

If you'd like to know what I'm working on feel free to follow my page on Facebook

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37 minutes ago, dave524 said:

Is the Horrocks - Ibbotson a US manufactured rod or one of the Canadian ones made here in Grimsby ? nice work :clapping:

Thanks, I've asked myself the same question a few times, but haven't found any way to find our for sure. The rod came to me out of Massachusetts, but I can't find a model list of what was produced in Grimsby.

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3 hours ago, AKRISONER said:

beautiful fly rods. Id almost feel guilty dragging on of those art pieces through the bush!

Don't be. They've got a durable finish and are meant to be fished. Nothing worse than a rod that doesn't get fished for a reason like that. 

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Not exactly a product that's going to apply to a lot of people here, but if anyone is looking to build themselves a fly rod I have started to produce acrylic inserts for fly rod reel seats. They're available through Proof Fly Fishing (https://www.proofflyfishing.com/collections/acrylic-inserts-reel-seats), and at time of ordering can be paired up with a couple options on the reel seat hardware. Each insert is turned and polished by myself, then sent to Matt who takes a photo and puts it up on the website. This allows you to see exactly what you're purchasing.

Matt also has a great selection of blanks, guides, cork, thread, and any other supplies you may need to build your own fly rod.

Some examples:




Also, if you would like something custom turned for a different reel seat feel (fly, spin, or casting) free to reach out to me and I'll see what is possible.

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